How to listen to YouTube in the background with an iPhone or iPad

How to listen to YouTube in the background with an iPhone or iPad, Yesterday we commented that the options offered by YouTube when listening to music are very striking, especially for some recordings that are impossible to find in services such as Spotify. Well, if you want to listen to YouTube in the background with an Apple terminal, we tell you how to get it.

Therefore, just as it is possible to do with the models that use the Android operating system, you can get to listen to YouTube in the background in what they use iOS, but following a few different steps since the available options are not the same. Yes, the application that is the protagonist to reach a good port is not the own video streaming service of Google, but a browser.

Specifically, the development is Dolphin, a browser that already has a time -and good backgrounds, and that is quite efficient when opening web pages and that offers advanced options such as allowing to listen to YouTube in the background, something that Safari does not. The download if you do not have the development we leave it below, and it’s free:

The steps we see to indicate can be done both with the iPhone smartphones of the Cupertino company and with the iPad tablets. The only requirement is that they are able to use the Dolphin browser. If this is so, you have to do the following, which, as you will discover, is not complicated at all:

  • Open the Dolphin browser on your device as usual
  • Now you have to access the video service website and then look for a video to listen to YouTube in the background and start playing it
  • Now, simply close the Dolphin browser
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  • If you want to control playback, this can be achieved in the iOS Control Center. It’s that simple

The truth is that take advantage of the contents of the Google platform is as easy with the iPhone and iPad, although you have to resort to a third-party application that, on the other hand, is completely reliable. The case is that you already know how to listen to YouTube in the background, and I’m sure that on more than one occasion you use this possibility and, therefore, you will leave the Dolphin browser installed on your iOS device.

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