Do you like challenges? These are the most difficult Android games

The reality is that Android games cannot take off. Google Play is riddled with arcades and simulators. Although we have seen some adventures that got us hooked, as for example Last Day On Earth, but only for a few days. This does not mean that the games that are now on Google Play are good. In fact, in the collection that we bring you today, we can find some of the most difficult Android games.

The list of games of this style is quite long. The platform has benefited the companies that create this type of games, evolve and bring us more and more interesting deliveries. From games to the flappy bird, games where you find crazy things that do not know where they come from. Let’s go there.

BBTAN by 111%

In this arcade game, the important thing is not to start, but to get as far as possible. Based on the typical game where you have to go breaking elements with a ball, BBTAN will put us to the test having to eliminate their squares with different numbers of hits each. The key will be to accumulate enough balls to eliminate the maximum number of squares. Our record is 175, comment if you overcome it.

In second place we have one of the craziest Android games. Surrounded by a hexagon, its different sides will begin to approach us and we will have to dodge them. At a speed of infarction, helped by the music we will have to endure as long as possible without hitting anything.

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The application that we leave you is the original, but we can find in Google Play many that are exactly the same.

Developer: Terry Cavanagh

Amazing Thief

After the fleeting passage of Flappy Bird, Google Play was filled with a host of similar applications. The one we bring you today brings a different theme and even a different jumping method that will put us to the test more than Flappy Bird did. Because this game is even more difficult than Flappy Bird, we have not even managed to get two, you will surely beat us.

From the creators of Angry Birds comes a game that reminds us of the mythical iCopter but with an impressive gameplay. In this game, we will have to control an airplane through a world created in 16 bits. To move the plane we simply have to press but taking into account the strength we have available. Unfortunately, this game is not yet available but we can get it on Uptodown.

Color Switch

Finally, we bring you this crazy game where we will have to push the ball through the different figures that we find. The difficulty is that the ball must have the same color as the place where it passes. In this way and with great tact we will have to accelerate or wait according to the color that we find.

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