Kickass Torrents Back Again as !

As all of us know, the alleged owner and founder of the World’s Biggest Torrenting site, Kickass Torrents has been arrested by US authorities. Surprisingly, he was arrested because he made a payment on iTunes! Well, on 21st July, the alleged owner of Kickass Torrents, Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland by the Police. He has been charged for copyright infringement case. The owner has been found a culprit for distributing over $1 Billion in copyrighted stuff! That is really huge ?

But, the moment the site was blocked and was seized, everyone was thinking about the future of torrents. As expected, the site came back again with a new domain. In fact, a lot of clone websites have been evolved since the original site was taken down. is the new domain of Kickass Torrents. The creators of has revealed that –

“The site is hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare.”


Well, this isn’t a very new thing that any torrent website has come back after being seized. The same thing was seen in the case of The Pirate Bay. As per the new website is concerned, the creators have said that-

“The site will has the complete torrent database of KAT, including the comments, user information intact”

Well, all this shows us that you cannot completely take down any Torrent site because they will come back stronger. The site is up again and also there is a Petition that you can sign to ‘Free Artem Vaulin’. Till now, about 33K People have signed this Petition!

In the world where terrorist attacks is a monthly issue, where global corporations are swimming in money and millions dying because of diseases and hunger every single year, do you really think torrents deserve attention, money and human resources you spend on them? Do you really think it’s the most important thing on our hands right now?

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