April 3, 2020

July Security Patch Kicks Off To Nexus Devices!

Well, we all know that OnePlus and Samsung have already outed the July Security Patch for their devices. ( Silent Claps For Samsung!) Both the manufacturers provided this security patch before Google outed the same to Nexus devices. But, Google didn’t let the Nexus owners wait. The July Security Patch has been outed for the Nexus devices. :D


July Security Patch

Google has done this by providing both the factory image and OTA .zip files. Luckily, the company has also provided the Security Bulletin. Security has always been a major focus for Android and Google Play: Android was built from day one with security in mind. Monthly device updates are an important tool to make and keep Android users safe. :)
Anyways, after the update, you will get the build versions on Nexus 6P, 5X , 6 and 7 as MTC19X, MTC19Z, MMB30K or MOB30O and M0B30P or MMB30M! Also, the July Security Patch is available for the Nexus 5, 9 and the Nexus Player. For these three Nexuses, the build version will be MOB30P.

The OTA update will be rolled out in almost a week or two. Anyways, as mentioned before, the Factory Images and OTA .zip files have been made available for download by Google so you can download them from links given below. So, what you think of this update? Do let us know via comments section :-)


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