iPhone 8 News and Updates: Roundup of All the Apple Rumors

This has been a very good week for geeks, tech enthusiasts and tech watchers who have been writing and commenting on the upcoming Apple flagship smartphone, the Apple iPhone 8. We have made a small compendium of all the updates that we have received. We also add at the beginning that we have learned that an updated Apple iPad, said to be completely bezel-less and having a FaceTime camera affixed at the top, is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 8 in September 2017.

Keep in mind that 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple might stun everybody with something totally unexpected. We are expecting a totally bezel-less seamless design, with a display rumored to look like a solid pane of glass. An edge to edge design is something not even arch-rival Samsung has been able to deliver. OLED display technology, as well as wrap-around curved glass for the iPhone 8,  is to be expected. This seamless design will be a beauty and Apple has invested a lot to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal says that Apple may include an embedded home button with no physical counterpart. This new design was not unexpected, however. What is unexpected is the fact that Apple has been experiencing some glitches and bugs that may poison the rosy road to success. The new handsets in development have been locking up or seizing up. A new problem with phone call functionality, especially on the Verizon network in Apple’s native country the USA is also being reported, mainly on the discussion boards on its official website. A user named ‘linkjc75’ complained that over 1000 of his contacts disappeared when his in-development model seized up. Reddit users also claim that other Apple models like the iPhone 7, though some iPhone 6S and 5S models are also afflicted. An unresolved battery bug is also being reported, although Apple is said to be looking into this matter.

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One fact we are yet to receive word on is the price of the new device. Although still a year away, experts claim that the iPhone 8 will follow a similar price structure as the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7Plus. The design aspects also are likely to be carried over. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cost $649 for the base model and goes on to $969. Now, we believe the iPhone 8 will be positioned as being a better or at least an updated phone, and certainly a flagship phone. A $150-200 rise on top of the iPhone 7 Plus will be seen, one expects. This will hopefully not dent Apple’s financial health,  as other products like the iOS is enjoying a 40.5% US market share and a majority 51.7 stake of the Japanese smartphone market. Plus,  although Android remains the dominant OS in the US with a 58% share, this also marks the fifth year with a cumulative deficit when calculated year on year.

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