iPhone 7 Announced : Here is What You Should Know!

Finally, all the rumors and leaks came to an end as the iPhone 7 was launched by Apple today. Everything is out now. The company finally wrap off the covers from its 2016’s iPhone. There is no doubt that all the leaked designs were true and the latest iPhone has exactly the same design. Those curvy edges remind of last year’s iPhone 6s. This time, we have a waterproof iPhone. Yes! Finally, iPhone has gone waterproof which is a great thing indeed because Apple’s toughest rival (Samsung) has been introducing waterproof devices since a couple of years. So, to stay in the competition, Apple had to do something unique. And the company did it in the latest and greatest iPhone 7! So, what it has and will it become the best smartphone of 2016? Let us find out.

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Well, this time also we have a curvy design and if you follow iPhones then you can easily recognize that the design is pretty much familiar to iPhone 6s’. Apple has already got rid of that flat design when it launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The Apple lovers wanted to see something unique in term of design and Apple really brought that thing. In the iPhone 7 also, there is a round design and the back has a glossy glass finish.The whole body is made up of aluminum. ( Not a new thing I guess!)  Also, as we mentioned before, the new iPhone(s) is totally waterproof. It makes iPhone 7 the very first iPhone to be water resistant. Well done Apple!

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The button placements are exactly the same with the power button on the right and the volume keys + notification toggle on the left. We now have a new design for antenna lines as they now have moved upwards and don’t cover the camera module as on the iPhone 6/6s. This really makes the back look clean. Also, as the leaks were suggesting, Apple has finally ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack. Should I be happy or sad? Now, you’ll get the lightning headphones that will make their way into the lightning port in case you wanna hear some music. Also, there is 3.5mm to lightning port adapter inside the box so no need to worry in case you want to keep using the 3.5mm earphones.


The home button is really an identity of iPhones. Every time a new iPhone is introduced by the company we see great improvements in the home button features. With the new iPhone 7, we have the same round looking home button with great features. Tap it once to go back to home screen or double tap it for multi-tasking, hold it down to activate Siri or put your fingers on it to unlock your device. Everything in just one round button. Also, the Touch ID can be used for Apple Pay. The new home button on the iPhone 7 has been made more reliable and more customizable. The new home button is now ‘Force Sensitive’, thanks to the inbuilt ‘TAPTIC’ engine API. The TAPTIC engine is more responsive and creates a real-time feel with the new home button. Ah! Apple’s engineering is really mind-blowing.


Cameras and iPhones – Still a better love story than Twilight! Ok, jokes apart guys. But, you have to admit that the iPhones have one of the bet cameras available there in other
(OIS) and up to 3x more exposure. There is a wider f/1.8 lens that enables 50% more light to enter the sensor to capture even more crispy snaps. This time, there is a 6 element lens. The all new 12MP sensor is 60% faster and 50% efficient. Also, the camera module is bigger than the one present on the 6s. The Flash has also got a new look. This time, we have a Quad LED Flash that produces 50% more light, best for low light shots. The iPhone 7 has an all new ‘Flicker’ Sensor that senses artificial light for better images. Behind the camera is the Image Signal Processor that enables to take really crisp snaps with the all new iPhone 7’s camera.

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The display is now even better with the all new iPhone 7. Now, the display is 25% brighter compared to the one on 6s & 6s Plus.  The new features on the new display are Cinema standard colors, Wide Color Gamut, 3D Touch and Color management also. The Head of Designs in Instagram showed how the new Retina HD screen performs. It makes the images shot with the camera even more bright and vivid, thanks to the wide color capture of the new camera. ( Forgot to mention that above I guess!) There are new filters this time that enables you to get even better & brighter picture.


Every year, Apple makes even better chips for its iPhones and this year, the iPhone 7 has got the best processor ever from Apple. We all know how fast the iPhones are! But, iPhone 7 blows it all. A10 Fusion is the New Gen chip on the iPhone 7 which makes it the fastest iPhone ever or maybe the fastest smartphone in the world right now. The A10 Fusion is a Quad-Core 64-bit processor with 3.3 Billion transistors. The two cores are high-performance cores that are 40% faster than the A9 chip. Also, the A10 Fusion is 120x faster as compared to the very first iPhone. Well, Apple has really made insane improvement in terms of performance. The rest of two cores are the high-efficiency cores.

Coming to the GPU, the iPhone 7 has the all new GPU that is 50x faster than the A9! Woah, that is insane. The new GPU is almost 240x faster than the very first iPhone. Apple says that the A10 Fusion is the most powerful chip ever made for any smartphone! In terms of the battery life, the iPhone 7 has the longest battery life as compared to previous Gen. iPhones. If you are upgrading from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7, you’ll get 2 more hours of battery life. Great , Isn’t it?  Finally, not to forget the iOS 10 that will come with the all new iPhone 7.

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iPhone 7 really brings the best an iPhone can have. Yesterday the LG V20 was launched and next month, the new Google smartphones are coming. But, Apple really knows very well how to handle a tough competition. If you are an iPhone lover, then I will highly recommend you to upgrade to the all new iPhone 7. Believe me, you’ll not regret. ?

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