Leaked : Apple iPhone 7 Will Have Touch Sensitive Home Button!

Before getting started, let me ask you one question. What is the best way to identify any iPhone from the front? Of Course that trademark home key! Well, that is the main identity of any iPhone but you know what, regular use and replacing can be an expensive affair because it is not only the button but it also contains the Touch ID Sensor. It seems that the upcoming iPhone i.e the iPhone 7 will have no physical home button! In fact, it will have a Touch Sensitive home Button. The new leaked images reveal the same story, though!



Some leaked photos have shown the front view of the iPhone 7 and it seems that the home button no longer has the circular metal ring that we have seen in the previous iPhones. Also, a closer look reveals that the iPhone 7 will have a touch sensitive home button, not a physical button. If the leak is true then we will finally see something unique in the design of any iPhone ( Seriously!). The image reveals that the button is under the glass. This means that it is a touch sensitive home button. Well, there’s no reason to think it can’t continue to operate as a fingerprint reader. At least two companies – Qualcomm and Sonavation – have developed ultrasonic tech that can work from under the glass. So, if Apple comes with the new home button design then don’t be surprised!

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Also, the source that has leaked the image reveals that the users will be able to perform various tasks from this touch sensitive home button like tap and hold for Siri, double tap to see the running apps, etc. Undoubtedly, the touch sensitive home button will be a whole new concept introduced in any iPhone. Also, we can expect the Touch ID to be faster with the new home button design. Well, if we talk about the rest of the design, then it is almost same as previous iPhones. The proximity sensor and front camera have been placed on the right and left of the earpiece respectively.


Well, coming to the main point now! The images actually seem a bit like a clone! Maybe an android phone which is the clone of the iPhone. You can see the camera and sensor placement. But, even if there is 1% chance for happening this thing then we have to tell you to keep you updated. And as always, take a pinch of salt ( this time in more quantity) before taking this news into consideration! Keep visiting for more updates ?

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