How to increase your laptop battery with Windows 10

One of the most important sections for users when it comes to buying a laptop is the issue of battery life. Today we are going to see how we can increase the battery of our laptop with Windows 10.

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This trick is only focused on laptops because they are the only ones that need a battery since desktop computers are connected to a power source. This tutorial is focused only on a laptop with Windows 10, not other systems like Linux that spends fewer resources but at the same time has fewer options to configure the management of the battery, nor to macOS.

Windows laptops are increasingly battery-powered, and this is due to the management Microsoft has achieved in recent years, from Windows 8 to Windows 10, regulating the brightness, background applications, RAM being managed and so on factors. Today we will be able to control some of them automatically, or even urgently for those times we need to squeeze a laptop almost without battery.

Power saving mode

Windows knows that it does not have an infinite battery in its laptops, and that is why it incorporates an automatic battery mode that turns on when we are below 50%, and then, it is activated in more saving mode when we pass 25%. But this, as in all laptops, we can configure.

To do this, we have to press the Windows + I key, select System, and Save Energy. There, we will have to select the percentage of where we want to activate this energy saving mode. If we are going to do an easy task in our computer and we want that the battery lasts to us, we recommend to activate it from 50%, when doing simple tasks.

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Turn off Cortana

Yeah, I know maybe you’ve never used Cortana, but still, it’s wasting battery in the background without you noticing. It is the personal assistant of Windows and it spends much battery being all the time listening to see if you say Hello Cortana. In short, spend enough battery, and to turn it off, we have to go to Cortana, Settings and deactivates the option to always be listening.

Windows Updates

Windows is at all times, in the background, looking for updates – in case we are connected to WiFi-. To deactivate it, we will have to go to Windows + I, Updates, Windows Update, Advanced Options, select how you want to receive updates and disable all options, so that only remains to be updated when our computer is connected to your local network.

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