Huawei Working On its in-house Kirin OS!

Currently, only Android is the only OS, which is known by most of the people and also is quite advanced or should I say most advanced regarding customization and bug-free usage. We are all aware that Huawei uses their custom UI in the range of smartphones the company has launched but is it true that it will also stop using Android too? A new rumor has suggested that company’s in-house Kirin OS is in works!

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We have come to know via sources that CEO of Huawei is working with the company to make a new OS which maybe knows as the Kirin OS!A few months back when Samsung launched the Tizen OS, it wasn’t liked by the people because it didn’t stand according to their expectation and the company mentioned that “Samsung has trouble getting Tizen OS off the ground” which clearly states that making an OS for the mobile giant wasn’t easy! But, Huawei seems confident in this case!

Huawei , which is quite known for their Honor Series is set to create the “KirinOS.”

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has decided to stay quiet regarding the development of any mobile OS that could be used as a secondary strategy, shall Google someday go nuts and close Android down. Some believe silence says much, others prefer not to assume too much.


One thing is clear for sure. Launching own OS at this time when Android and iOS ( Mainly Android OS) are ruling seems crazy. What if no one gave a shit to this OS ? But who knows? Even Android was started when Java and Symbian OS were ruling the markets. It all depends on users whether they will like it or not.

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Anyways, Since we are aware that the company is trying to create an OS to run Huawei devices on it. Now, the main question is will KirinOS be better than Android? Or still Android will be unbeatable and people’s favorite. Well, the company could be working on own OS, but they will keep using Android as long as it’s open. What do you think? Will Huawei’s Kirin OS be able to get as much fame as Android OS? Let us know via comments section 😀

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