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Top quality services, the latest options for tracking, demo mode, and various packages for the users – HoverWatch makes spying accessible for everybody. Perhaps each person in this world desires to reveal some of the secrets which help settle some of the issues and take some of the selections.  We’re the developers of SMS tracker programs that give parents the chance to learn where their children are, who they’re interacting with, and what they’re doing.

Thanks to multi-platform support (Android, Windows, and Mac); many of the device’s kids use nowadays can be easily monitored. These SMS tracker programs also provide call, message, and location recording, which can be important in getting the full picture of what your children are experiencing and protecting them from harm.

Free Phone Tracker App

Features in the free phone-tracking app function great. Before getting started, you want a Hoverwatch on-line account. That is for tracking and receiving information from the app.  Simply go to the Hoverwatch website to register for a free account and download and install the app. You’ll now be capable of track and record information and activities of the Android phone user.

HoverWatch Features

Call and Text Message: By the help of Hoverwatch mobile tracker users can keep a track on every calls and message that were done or received on the device. And users can also record all outgoing and incoming calls, and users can even track all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS.

Sim Card Replacement: Hoverwatch will work even wherever there is no sim card in the phone. You will receive an SMS informing you of sim card removal. Tracking, recording, and dispatching information will continue.

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Geolocation: The geolocation function helps you to find an Android phone user. The phone tracker app makes use of the cell towers of a mobile service provider. GPS and Wi-Fi signals combine to point the correct location of the Android phone.

Internet history tracker: Users can track browsing history of the device. And Users can also follow websites title, URL and time.

Facebook and Whatsapp Tracking: With the help of this function users can track each conversation exchanged on the devices. The user can even see all information like audio, images, videos, etc., exchanged on the device.

Front Camera Operation: When the screen of the Android phone unlocks, the front camera takes a snap. This camera is automatic and always ready.

Invisible: It remain hidden, or we will say undetectable. It works silently in the monitor device.

Desktop Screenshot: Hoverwatch captures screenshots of the monitored device at the regular period therefore that user can track down the anything was open on the system.

Browsing History: With the help of Hoverwatch user can find the browsing history of the monitor device. They will only track Web sites title, URLs and time of open.

Webcam Photo: Users can directly access monitored device webcam and view the surrounding of the device.

Remote Setting: Users can carry out changes in tracking setup and can do uninstallation of software on the device without accessing it.

Getting Started

The method of starting and signing up for this phone-tracking app is simple. The Hoverwatch website shows three easy steps to follow, which are:

  1. Sign up:  Get a free on-line account. You need an email and a password of your choice
  1. Prepare devices for downloading and installing the Phone Tracker app. To do this, use your on-line account in step 1.
  1. Start Watching: Follow any other instructions on the app and start tracking.
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Hoverwatch for Android will not be compatible with all phone devices. You want a tablet or phone utilizing Android 4.x – 6.x. You should also be capable of access the Android device you wish to track. This device must have a connection to the web. It’s the only way to receive info in your online Hoverwatch account.

Pricing and Plans

The company offers two pricing plans – one for personal users and one comes with the business plan. For the personal plan, pricing is based on the variety of devices and tenure for one month plan that charges $19.95, and upon selection of the 1-year plan, it prices $99.95. Whenever your business is making a buy, the price is, of course, a huge consideration. Subscription plans for the business are usually monthly fees per user account and start with $3.33 per month/device it based on the add-ons selected plan. Depending on the essential business entity can choose customized plan where the company prices $199.95 for the one-year subscription. The genuine part is user can save up to 60% per device for installation in more than five devices.

Free to Try

Sign Up – Free 3 Days Trial Free phone spy for kids control


HoverWatch can be utilized with the devices operating on Android / Windows PC / Mac Computer. Other devices don’t match the requirements of the application, so ensure you avoid to install it.

Refund Policy

The refund is available. You’ve seven days to return your money. Till know the details, contact the support team of the HoverWatch in case you need your money back.

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The exciting things we found about this application is that it’s discreet, not limited by distance, easy to use and very inexpensive, especially for companies who wish to track how their employees perform. It’s no wonder that Hoverwatch has been installed on over 12 million devices so far!

After utilizing Hoverwatch, all I can say about this incredible application is that it’s Cheap and Reliable. Everybody can afford this app, and it’ll never allow you to down. It works flawlessly. No wonder this app is utilized by millions of people worldwide.

Now, the only thing left for you check out the app yourselves. Don’t wait anymore and get started with Hoverwatch, your one-stop destination for tracking and spying.

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