“Hello Moto” is Back as the new Moto Boot Animation

We all love Moto gadgets on the grounds that Motorola was the company that made us go gaga for phones. Those wonderful RAZR and DROID phones were the perfect examples of excellence. Since the RAZR , the motto of the company remained “Hello Moto” for years. Well, when Lenovo took over Motorola, individuals began feeling that Motorola is soon going to end.

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But, Lenovo itself needs to keep up the legacy of Motorola thus they have chosen to bring back the famous “Hello Moto” boot animation in the Moto phones. This new animation will come in the upcoming Moto phones . The video demonstrating the most recent Boot Animation was today uploaded by Lenovo on YouTube and Twitter. Till now, we can’t say if the new boot animation will come for the current year’s phones like Moto Z and Z Force yet an update may bring it.

On the off chance that you review, when Motorola was under Google, the company as often as possible updated the boot animations on its phones and the Moto X is the best example for it. This wasn’t genuinely necessary however the new animations made the phone feel new and added some life in it. In any case, “Hello Moto” is at last returning and Moto lovers will without a doubt be upbeat because of this. 😀

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