Google’s Project ARA : Everything You Need To Know!

The I/O developers conference finished recently and a teaser video dorm the conference shows that the ‘Project Ara’ is still alive! Well, in case you don’t know about it, let me first tell you what actually is Google’s Project Ara. First thing first, it is a codename for the initiative, aimed to develop a modular smartphone. Modular smartphone means that the device is composed of modules assembled into metal frames! It may sound like a thing of future, but it is about to become the reality soon!

Update 2017

Unfortunately, Google has stopped this project a while back, but you can still read about it 🙂  

How did it Start?

Advanced Technology headed the Project ARA And Projects Team when it was a subsidiary of Tech Giant, Google! The moment Google divested Motorola to Lenovo, Google took the project under it! So now, the whole project is under Google and ATAP is no longer the part of it.

Why did Google Started Implementing the idea?

After knowing how it started, the next question that comes to mind is ‘Why it started?’. The project is designed to be utilized by 6 billion people! The number includes 5 Billion users with feature phones and rest of 1 Billion Smartphone users.The starter kit will be priced at about US$50 which will include a battery, display, CPU and Wi-Fi.

How Will Project Ara Be Helpful?

Of Course, it will be useful but how..?

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Well, It will include an endoskeleton that holds smartphone modules of user’s choice…This way, the users will be able to remove malfunctioning modules or to upgrade the existing ones in just seconds! Cameras and speakers will be the essential features of the modules whereas medical devices, receipt printers, laser pointers, projectors, etc. will be some of the specialized features! Every particular module will have an appropriate slot of some specific size. As per the needs, even the battery can be swapped out because there will be an additional battery with the main battery.

Final Verdict!

The modules will be available both at Google stores as well as on other third party stores.The updated prototype will let the users swap the modules just by saying,”Ok Google, eject the kickstand!”. Ara smartphones will support only Official modules by default, but the users will have freedom to change the software settings to use unofficial modules too! Developer kits for Ara will be shipping later this year whereas the consumer version in 2017!

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