Google Play Protect could be far less reliable than other antiviruses, according to a study

In mid-May of this same year, Google announced the implementation of a new layer of security in the Android application store. Google Play Protect began its deployment in the summer, in order to become the only antivirus needed by Android users on their phones and tablets, promising to analyze millions of applications every day, looking for new threats.

However, it seems that Play Protect, at least to this day, is not as sure as Google wants us to believe. At least this is stated in a report carried out by the company specialized in computer security AV-Test, where the antivirus of the big G does not come out just right.

Google anti-virus suspends reliability tests

When Google announced this new method of security in the application store, claimed that its intention was to keep malicious apps away that could jeopardize the privacy or integrity of user data. To do this, the system would automatically analyze up to 50 billion apps every day.

But it seems that the intention of Google has been in that, an intention. According to the analysis carried out by AV-Test, Google Play Protect would be the least reliable protection system on Android, with a detection rate of only 65.8% threats, a score well below – up to 25% less – of the other systems of third parties analyzed, that takes to this technology to the lowest of the ranking in terms of reliability.

According to the company in charge of the analysis, all the tests have been carried out using the latest versions of each method of protection, in addition to giving the applications the possibility to update whenever they need it. AV-Test ensures that they have focused on malware detection, usability and the detection of false positives, so that different systems should demonstrate their capabilities using all available protection layers.

Google Play Protect is for the first time in Android AV-Test and it’s not doing so well. Actually, is the worst.

— Lukas Stefanko (@LukasStefanko) October 24, 2017

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