Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 : Battle of the Beasts

Now since the Galaxy Note 7 is no more, there are currently only two devices that can be called the best phones of 2016. Yes, we’re talking about the Google Pixel ( & Pixel XL) and iPhone 7 ( & 7 Plus). So, if you have made your mind buying a high-end premium device, undoubtedly you’d choose between these two phones. But, which one to choose? An Android device or an iOS device? Well, we will be clearing your confusion. Well, we will compare Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 and you’ll know which one is the best smartphone of 2016.



Well, this is the section where most of the users get confused because both phones have a great build quality and both have metal build. iPhone 7 comes in different options like Matte Black or Jet black. Google Pixel, on the other hand, provides both these styles in one option. The upper rear portion of Pixel has Glass whereas rest of phone is metal. The design is really strange in my opinions. Either they should’ve gone for all glass back or all metal back but No! Who wants full metal back? Put half metal and half glass that’s it. In my opinion, the iPhone 7 is the winner in terms of design and built. But, the Jet Black iPhone 7 is a fingerprint magnet so keep that in mind. ?

Another major aspect where iPhone 7 is the clear winner is the waterproof rating. Google Pixel is not waterproof. The IP53 rating of Pixel means it is only dustproof.

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Comparing the displays, the specs of displays on paper make the Google Pixel a clear winner. The Google Pixel comes with a 5-inch 1080p display with pixel density of 441ppi. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 uses an old LED panel with 336ppi pixel density. But, when you test both the phones at one time, you’ll notice a very small difference as both of the screens are bright, crisp and vivid. But. if you’re looking for the Full HD screen, go for Pixel.


Well, here the real battle starts. Both the companies claim their phones to be the best camera phones so far. iPhone 7 comes with a 12MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture whereas the Google Pixel comes with 12.3MP rear camera with f/20 aperture. Well, in outdoor conditions, the Google Pixel kills the iPhone 7’s camera . The colors by Pixel’s camera are natural. However, the iPhone 7 wins in low light conditions. The Google Pixel has got the highest score in the DxOMark test, which Google bragged during the launch event. It is very difficult to choose the best cameras from the both. Also, it depends on the shooting style how the picture will come out.

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The iPhone 7 truly destroys the Google Pixel as all the performance tests show. This clearly shows that more RAM doesn’t mean faster performance. RAM Optimization matters which iPhones do the best. Google Pixel comes with latest Snapdragon 821 chipset and 4GB of RAM whereas the iPhone 7 has the A10 Fusion which the company claims to be the fastest Smartphone chip so far. Also, the iPhone 7 has half as much RAM as compared to Google Pixel but still, the side by side performance tests reveal the clear winner – the iPhone 7.  As per the memory, the Google Pixel comes with 32 & 128GB storage options whereas iPhone 7 comes with 32, 128 & 256GB storage options. Well, both of them don’t have memory card slot so if you like to put a ton of songs, videos and movies on your phone, go for the 128GB Google Pixel or 256GB iPhone 7.

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On the paper, the Google Pixel wins in terms of the battery as the Pixel has 2,770 mAh battery compared to the 1960mAh on iPhone 7. The battery obviously lasts long on Pixel but the iPhone 7’s battery backup is pretty good too! If you are concerned about Battery life, go blindly with Google Pixel.


Here the major confusion arises as both devices are running different Operating Systems. The Google Pixel runs Android Nougat out of the box whereas the iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10. The Pixel comes with Google Assistant whereas iPhone 7 comes with Siri. If you love vanilla Android, Google Pixel is the best smartphone so far with latest and stock Android experience. Although, if you want simple OS and in case you’ve tried Mac or other Apple device, you might go for iPhone 7. As mentioned before, both Operating systems are different so we cannot directly say which one is best. For Android lovers, Android is the best and same is the case with iOS lovers.

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Well, summarizing all points, here is what we get –

  • Build and Design – iPhone 7
  • Camera – Google Pixel
  • Battery – Google Pixel
  • Performance – iPhone 7 
  • Software – TIE
  • Storage Options – iPhone 7 

Lastly, the Pixel has a headphone jack which is ‘satisfyingly not new.

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