Google Pixel Hacked in 60 Seconds by Chinese Team!

So, you were thinking that Google Pixel is the most secure Android phone because it is ‘Made by Google’ huh? Well, I assume you have got an idea about this article by looking at the title. Yes, Google Pixel hacked and that too, in just a minute. There was a hacking competition in Seoul, South Korea and a team of Chinese white-hat hackers was successful in breaching the security of Pixel.

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Well, the hackers remotely installed a code using the zero-day vulnerability. This resulted in opening the Google Play Store followed by Google Chrome which then displayed the message – ‘Pwned by 360 Alpha Team’. Wait, I forgot to tell that the team of white-hat hackers was from Qihoo 360, a very popular company that deals with security softwares. 360 Total Security, which is one of the best Free Android Antivirus Software is also from Qihoo 360. As mentioned before, the whole process took just a minute!

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Google Pixel Hacked but Apple’s Safari Browser & Adobe Flash were also on the list. The hackers were successful in hacking the much-renowned browser from Apple and that too from the latest macOS Sierra! The Adobe Flash was also hacked in just 4 seconds by the team.

Well, the team was paid a huge amount of $520,000 as prize money and they surely deserve this. Anyways, it is now time for Apple and Google to start working on the fixes. ( And Adobe too!) What do you think about this? Do let us know via the comments section. ?

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