Google Files Go, the new Google application to clean and optimize your mobile

There are many applications in the Google Play Store that make (or sometimes try to) the function of optimizing our system. That is, clean garbage files, optimize RAM, detect processes in the background and eliminate them … Some of these applications work better than others, but we always encounter similar problems, such as excessive notifications, advertising, etc. Google, of course, has created a similar service to compete with these applications, and of course, clean and optimize our device. The application is called Files Go, and we tell you what you can do next.

Google has made official Files Go, a service that helps us clean the storage of our device and free RAM in a simple and intuitive way. What this application does is analyze all our internal storage to find some useless file etc. The application will find it and it will tell us how much storage we can recover if we eliminate that service or application. In addition, Google’s new optimizer is smarter. It warns us about those applications that have been unused for some time, or that we have never used and used storage on our device.

Another interesting feature of this application is the inclusion of a file explorer. From the app itself, we can browse the download folders, documents, applications, images, videos, etc. In addition to, of course, manage it from within. Finally, we must highlight the possibility of sharing files with other users through a Bluetooth connection.

Google Files Go, currently in beta

At the moment, the application is not available on Google Play. It is still a beta that will probably be available in the coming weeks. For the moment, we can download and install it through APK Mirror. We just have to go to this link and click on download APK. Once downloaded, it will ask us for an installation as if it were any application. We must emphasize that it is an application in beta, and could have small bugs and bugs, which will be solved until the arrival of the stable version.

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