April 8, 2020

Ghost Smartphone – Truly inspiring!

This year of 2016, can surely be called as the “year of ghosts”; with the release of one of the most anticipated films “The Conjuring 2” shattering all box office records, to the invention of a “ghost smartphone.”

Are you one among them, who simply closes your phone when someone comes into the room?


Are you among those who get irritated when someone tries to sneak into your personal space?

If you are among them, well we have good news for you!

Presenting ,

“The Ghost Smartphone” 

Wait a second? A ghost smartphone?

Is it a smartphone used by ghosts? ?

What makes it special, is the ability to use it only yourself.

It’s a smartphone which can be used only by you.When others try to use it, it’ll only come out as a blank screen.

Ghost Smartphone

Such features, which we can only dream of or watch in sci-fi movies has been brought to reality by a Turkish inventor Celal Göger.

He got this idea when he was checking his phone, mobile .but someone behind him was trying to peek mobile.

Root causeThis inside cause, which eventually made up his mind to create an invisible smartphone which can only be accessed by its owner.

So, How does it work? 

He designed two chips; First chip has been fit into his smartphone ( in this case his iPhone) which makes the screen blank. The second chip is fixed to his glasses which when worn the screen visible.

No one has ever to worry again about someone sneaking as the screen shall only be visible to the person with the glasses.This can later be developed as a security feature, which will prevent hackers from stealing your valuable information.

He plans to name this C.COGER I. 

Who has invented this !? 

Despite being brought up in a small village with no electricity, Celal Göger Never Gave up!

His attachment towards technology didn’t stop him from making his tech lab.

Ghost Smartphone Creator

This indeed is truly inspiring!

Mr.Göger said: “People thought it must be some magic trick until they saw my invention which left them gobsmacked.”

However, this may take quite a while until it gets fully developed and be available for public use.

Well done, Mr.Göger

Stay tuned to us for more such interesting articles.




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