Getting To Know PopCorn Time!

If you are one of those persons who does not have much of an idea regarding PopCorn Time, we are here to help you! In this article, we will provide you all the information that you need to know about PopCorn Time Apk. So, here we go! A multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client which includes an integrated media player, Popcorn Time APK was released in October 2016.

It is one of the most popular apps of current time and ever since its release, it has been making a huge splash in the app world. This is a simple and free streaming service with a huge selection of movies and TV shows. It is used to play videos using torrents, but it works and looks much like paid for streaming services.

PopCorn Time’s interface provides thumbnails and film titles in the same manner as of the Netflix one. We can search the list of media or browse it by categories or genres. When somebody clicks on one of the tiles, the film gets downloaded via the BitTorrent protocol.

Very much similar to other BitTorrent clients, the app starts to share downloaded content once the download process is finished, thereby continuing to make the downloaded content available to others until the movie is deleted, which is done automatically once the application is closed.

Popcorn Time is made available for Linux, Android Windows, macOS.

The original Popcorn Time which has been terminated since was an open-source project. It means the program code was shared openly. This meant others could grab it and distribute it as their fork. It also means that the project can be picked up again without starting from scratch, in case it gets shut down for some reason.

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There is no official edition of Popcorn Time since the original Popcorn Time fork has been shut down. This has led to a perplexing situation as it provides users to choose to download the app from various sources. Many of the sources provide close resemblance to the original version and are based on the simple concept: Streamlining free torrent downloading f movies and TV shows.

A couple of active Popcorn Time forks are, Popcorn Time CE, Time4popcorn, Butter Project, Popcorn Time Alternatives, Popcorn Time Online (w/Torrents Time), among others.

The project has been created to create a fully functional but decentralized version more resilient to MAA takedowns.

For a very long time, fork was for another clone though was by an endorsement from the developers of the original ( crowned as the rightful heir to the throne.

PopCorn Time uses P2P technology for distribution so that the users share with each other rather than downloading from a central server. Being a user, you aren’t confronted with the technology behind serving the menus and delivering the content. The creators have saved you the trouble, and that is part of how Popcorn Time has become popular so much since its release.

The app has received significant media attention since its release. Critics have even compared it to Netflix for its convenience in using.

So, there you have it folk! We this article helped you in getting to know about the app, and you got all the answers you were looking for!

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