2016 is the year of great smartphones. It hasn’t been half a year, though we have seen some amazing smartphones been launched by various companies. Still two companies are always at the top in making smartphone and these are the tech giants SAMSUNG & APPLE. Apple has launched iPhone SE this year whereas SAMSUNG came with the next generation Galaxy S7/S7 edge. But, in reality, the battle of a perfect smartphone is actual between the S7/S7Edge and the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. Both the devices claim to be the best smartphones till now and this is somehow true, though! A lot of people own an iPhone and the iOS is considered as the best Operating System. Whenever a new iPhone is launched, people become mad to buy it only due to some unique specs. One such example was seen when the iPhone 6s was launched with a feature called the ‘3D Touch’. But, the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Plus have given a great competition to the latest iPhones.Well, if you are finding it difficult to choose between an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge then in this article, we will tell you the features you will get in S7 that will be missed in any iPhone. So, let’s begin with the list.



Yes! you read right. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has got an insane battery life and what’s more? The company has introduced two power saving modes to save battery life. There is a simple ‘Power Saving Mode’ and also an ‘ Ultra Power Saving Mode’. The moment you turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode, all the unnecessary functions will be turned off and the battery will be with you for a bit longer time! And Yes! You will miss this on any other iPhone.

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Samsung S7 has got a unique feature to record the screen just like any other screen recording app available on the play store. But, the iPhone has still got only the screenshot option. To turn on the screen recording feature in the Samsung Galaxy S7, head to the Settings > Advanced Features > Games > Games Tools. There you can turn this feature ON and you are all set to record your screen for any purpose!


Yes, I agree that the every iPhone fits easily in hand but what about the 6 Plus and the 6s Plus that have got a massive 5.5 inches screen? Of course, you have to use both of your hands to operate it. But that’s not the case with the S7 and S7 Plus. Yes! both the device has got a big screen with 5.1 inches on S7 and 5.5 inches on S7 Edge. But, the twist is that both the Galaxies come with a unique ‘One Handed Operation’ feature that makes the display small ( not the screen size!) and you can operate it in single hand easily. To turn this feature ON, go to Settings > Advanced Features and there you will get this feature. Of Course, you will be missing this on the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.


The S7 lets you easily customize your default shortcuts so you can easily access quick settings like Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Bluetooth and much more. iPhone lacks this feature too!

5.Notification Reminder:

If you have got any third-party apps on the iPhone then notifications will not be shown even of you get one! Whereas, in case you have forgotten any notification in S7 then its ‘ Notification Reminder’ feature comes in handy. To access this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Notification Reminder and you’re good to go! So, it will automatically show all those notifications that you haven’t read!

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So, these were some of the main features of the S7 that you will be missing on iPhones. Well, we didn’t want to tell that S7 is better than iPhone or anything like that because both devices have got different OS and processors. But, in case you’re finding it hard to choose between an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S7 then this information can come in use for sure. We hope you will like the article.

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