April 3, 2020

The Future of Cable TV in India in the 2020s

The year 2018 ended with TRAI’s declaration of the new broadcasting framework that stated cable TV users will only require to pay for selected The year 2018 ended with the declaration of TRAI’s new framework for broadcasting channels midway implementation which state that cable TV users will now only need to pay for selected channels that they want to watch and the whole nation was given the time period to select those channels. Priorly, the deadline for this time period was 28th December 2018 which was later increased to 31st January 2019. The implementation of this new framework is certain to bring many changes in the way people enjoy TV entertainment with the first ones being a sharp decrease in TV channel prices and higher independence provided to cable TV viewers in the terms of selecting TV channels and truly paying for only the channels they watch.

While considering TRAI’s new recommendations and the availability of upcoming streaming services, here’s what you can expect in the 2020s in the field of TV entertainment

1. Increase in Cord Cutting

Cord cutting refers to the act of moving from the conventional and ubiquitous use of cable connection to receive TV channels to any other method. The number of cord cutters in western countries is increasing by millions every year. With the easy availability of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime and the emergence of smart setup box devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, the number of cord cutters is surely to increase in India which already began in the early months of 2018.

2. Improvement in Dish TV Services

Dish TV services, once considered the luxurious way of watching TV, quickly lost their status due to many flaws. We can begin with the highly restricted arrays of channels that were provided to the users and the expensive costs of packages. The strict channel packages gave dish TV users no option other than to buy additional packs if they wanted to enjoy more channels, which increased their bills furthermore. After TRAI’s recommendations, the most popular Dish TV services like Airtel Dish TV and Hathway released their new channel packages. Now users can easily select and purchase different packs from Dish TV operators at a very convenient price. Users can visit the official sites of their Dish TV operators to know more about prices and packages.

3. A Boost in Streaming Services

Airtel started a great initiative as their marketing strategy which included free streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to their postpaid plan and V-Fiber broadband plan customers. Although the services were made available for a limited time, the users gained a quick hold to these services and a drop in TV watching habit was seen. This is an indicator of the increasing use of such streaming services. With the production of many popular Internet web series like Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Lust Stories, etc. a sharp gain in the number of Netflix and Amazon Prime subscribers was seen. With the increasing local content on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, these services are available in India at Rs 500 and Rs 129 monthly charges respectively.

Streaming Devices – Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV

Although Amazon Fire Stick made it to the Indian market in the year 2018, it failed to see the desired growth. However, with the increase in streaming services and due to the status quo of brands like Apple and Google, an all-embracing profitable growth of Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV is very likely to happen in the 2020s. Users can also expect more features from these streaming devices than from the cable TV set-top box devices like 4K support, voice support and headset enabled remote controls. It is likely positive that all the prominent national channels of India will be made available as separate individual channel applications available to download on these streaming devices.

The Return of Antenna TV

Antenna TV sounds like a retro technology which can, in contrast, be a highly advanced, the most affordable and the best TV entertainment technology. In the 2020s, the traditional Antenna TV can also make a return in India which it has already made in the western countries. Unfortunately, due to the prominence of dish TVs, streaming services, streaming devices and at last, cable TV, antenna technology would not be able to maintain the hold it had in the late 80s and 90s. However, antenna TV still boasts the best pros over all other methods of acquiring and watching TV. A few of those pros of antenna TV are 100% free TV channels and free HD quality, all at just a one-time installation antenna installation price. The future of antenna TV does look bright in India but in 2030s, also depending upon whether the TV channel providers provide good transmitting towers all over the country.

These were the possible outcomes of what we can say the direction in which today’s TV entertainment and cable TV services are heading. In the year 2019, users can aspect the continual of cable TV and Dish TV in a more user-independent state. Streaming services will get a subscriber boost due to the reputation of the shows like Sacred Games and Mirzapur with their upcoming seasons and more local web content being available to watch on these services.

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