Five simple tricks to gain followers on Twitter

During the last years and to the detriment of other options, Twitter has become one of the most active social networks of today. As in any social network based on track, the number of followers or followers becomes important if we want to monetize our content in any way, either by selling sponsored tweets or by acquiring contracts with companies in the sector. Today we will teach you how to gain followers on Twitter easily by following five simple tricks and without hiring any service.

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And is that while there are applications and tools that get a good number of followers to our accounts, the quality of them can cause a loss of value in terms of follow-ups. This is mainly due to the robotization of the following accounts (the well-known bots of Twitter), as well as the null activity of the few real accounts on the social network.

Five simple tricks to gain followers on Twitter

Making a hole in the world of Twitter is the same or more complex than doing it in the rest of social networks due to the immense amount of existing accounts. To succeed in the network of the tweeting bird, it is important to understand that we can not get a good number of acolytes in a matter of days or months (unless we have the backing of a known account), although the task It can become arduous and long, very long.

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Here is a list of five simple tricks to help you gain followers on Twitter quality and with a high degree of activity and interaction.

Be resourceful and create original content

Nobody likes to follow an account with recurring themes or of no importance. Also, converting our timeline into a feed from our website or Youtube account is not a good idea if we want other accounts to be interested in our content. That is why publishing witty tweets, with data of interest or with personal opinions becomes the best way to attract the attention of other people.

Interact with accounts with common interests

If we want to get quality followers on Twitter whose accounts have some activity, it is best to interact with users whose interests are common to ours. Exchanging tweets with people who share an affinity with our account is a good practice if we want to strengthen followers of a certain sector. You can take a look at the followers of the large accounts to find people with the same interest as yours.

Keep activity with accounts with a high number of followers

It is not an open secret: the accounts with the most followers on Twitter are the ones with the greatest degree of reach. Thanks to this, its content can reach a good number of people with hardly any effort. Based on this point, being the first to answer tweets from accounts whose number of followers exceeds 100000 or cite viral content with witty phrases can be a good idea if we want to get followers relatively easily and quickly.

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Participate in hashtags that are TT

We are fans of a specific topic and this has become a national or international TT. Commenting on this theme with the fashion hashtag and exchanging opinions with similar accounts is a good way to get some activity in ours. On the other hand, if we rely on the previous point and maintain activity with accounts with some repercussion, it is likely that the people who comment on the hashtag in question will eventually follow us.

Tag images to known accounts

You have created an illustration or caricature of a public character and you want to share it with the world. To make sure that person sees the tweet or image in question, it is best to resort to tagging Twitter photos. If it is a quality content (whether artistic creations or witty tweets), it is most likely that such account shares that tweet through a retweet or mention. Then, the number of followers of our account will be increased next in an almost certain way.

The last option

If we want to get real followers in our Twitter account in a massive and immediate way, the last option is to resort to collaborations (paid or not) with influencers or people who have a good number of followers. Logically, for the number of followers to be maintained over time and these show a real interest, you must follow the aforementioned advice, either through the creation of original content or through interaction with accounts that have interests common.

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