Fast Pair or how to synchronize Bluetooth headsets with Android smartphone in seconds

The Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL came without mini-jack connector, but also with a unique tool that simplified the synchronization process between a Bluetooth headset and Android smartphone. Well, the company has announced that Fast Pair – as the aforementioned tool is called – will be extended to the rest of Android smartphones. In this way, the company will encourage the process of pairing the Bluetooth headset with the phone as simple and fast as possible.

Although the popular 3.5 mm jack will not die – at least in the medium term – the fact that some of the most important smartphone manufacturers are doing away with this physical connection will encourage the use of Bluetooth headphones. In fact, those same brands have launched in parallel wireless headphones as an alternative to USB-C and adapters. For Apple, the most prominent to date launched on par with the iPhone 7 the AirPods headphones, which have iPhone optimized features, such as instant Bluetooth connection.

Fast Pair for all Android smartphones

Google has followed in the wake of the Cupertino after the presentation of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which lack a mini-jack connector. He is the Pixel Buds headphones, an accessory that, in addition to the simultaneous translation of 40 languages, offers a fast connection with Google smartphones.

Well, as announced by the company through the blog for Android developers, the Fast Pair function becomes available for all Android smartphones with Marshmallow and up. This improvement is implemented with version 11.7 of Google Play Services.

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Synchronize Bluetooth headsets with Android smartphone at the speed of light

As the attached animated image shows in a very graphic way, Fast Pair will simplify and accelerate the task of synchronizing Bluetooth headphones with the Android smartphone in question. So much that the pairing of wireless phones and headphones is done with just a touch on the terminal screen. An automatic configuration that takes no more than a few seconds.

The dynamic is simple. And is that once the smartphone detects the proximity of a Bluetooth headset, a notification will appear on the screen. This identification is produced by Bluetooth Smart connection – low energy-. Once the user clicks on the pop-up window of Fast Pair, the synchronization between the headphones and the smartphone is automatically established, a connection using the traditional Bluetooth protocol.

Although Fast Pair is already available in all Android smartphones that meet the requirements for software, the handicap lies in the range of compatible wireless headphones. And for now, only the Pixel Buds and Q Adapt On-Ear of Liberatore compatible. It is planned that the Plantronics Voltron 8200 will soon join the list. However, Google has indicated that it will open the technology behind Fast Pair to all manufacturers of Bluetooth accessories that so wish, so from now on we should have new compatible models.

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