[EXCLUSIVE] LG V20 Renders are Finally Here!

LG is going to wrap off the covers from its next flagship in September and we have already got some specs leaked a few days ago. LG might be expecting a lot from its device as the G5 didn’t really impress as much the company was expecting. The reason for this was the design of the LG G5 that, according to the company was innovative but was ugly according to users. Anyways, we too are expecting some good things from the LG V20, the upcoming flagship of the company. Today, we have the exclusive LG V20 renders and they reveal a really ‘SEXY’ device! Hopefully, the renders don’t reveal any sort of module stuff! (Sign of Reveal!)

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So if you don’t know yet, LG V20 is coming on September 6th and it will be launched during an event in San Francisco. Also, it will be the very first device to be featuring the new Android Nougat. Today we have some cool LG V20 renders and these reveal a really ‘BADASS” device! Thanks to OnLeaks and Android Authority for providing these renders. As mentioned before, there is no modular stuff whatsoever on the V20 but the LG V20 renders reveal something different! There is a button on the lower right side of the phone in the renders which could be the button to eject the lower end of the device! The bottom part is also has a lining which means it could be detachable. This could mean the continuation of the modular technology in the LG V20 also!

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Now coming to the next stuff, the camera has a bump and there are dual cameras on the back for sure! Also, the phone will be 7.7mm thick ( the camera part being 8.8mm!) as per the sources. Unfortunately, from the LG V20 renders, it seems LG will be ditching the dual-front camera setup and there will be only one front-facing camera. The phone is made up of metal and there is dual-camera also! Surprisingly, there will be laser autofocus on the front-facing camera also along with the LED Flash. Check out these Renders :

Finally, there is no news about the processor. We can expect the Snapdragon 820 ( or 821 even!) with 4GB of RAM. The device will be a beast for sure and the renders make it look a hell lot ‘SEXY’. So, what are your thoughts on these new LG V20 renders? Do let us know via comments ?

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