[Official] : This is how Elephone S8 will Look

In the smartphone world, we see that whenever a new trend starts, all companies start following it in their own way. One of the examples will be the bezel-less screen. Sharp started this with the Aquos and we saw a truly beautiful design. The trend was followed by Xiaomi with the Mi Mix. We also heard news of Meizu’s bezel-less device and also that the Samsung Galaxy is going to be fully bezel-less. Now, another Chinese company, Elephone has officially shown the preliminary design of its upcoming device, the Elephone S8. It is going to be the next triple-bezel-less device after Sharp Aquos and Mi Mix.


As you can see in above pic, the Elephone S8 is going to be triple-bezel-less, similar to Mi Mix. Well, there is nothing visible on the front except the screen and Elephone logo. But, the front camera will be probably on the bottom. Also, the fingerprint scanner is nowhere to be seen, neither on the front nor on the rear. Chances are that the fingerprint scanner will be embedded in the power button just like Sony’s devices.  The company itself has said that –

The main feature of this model is not only the bezel-less, curved display or the lumia-wave, not the 128GB super large storage or the Deca-core processor. But the camera and the innovative fingerprint design. This time Elephone will be the FIRST one to make such design with that special design of fingerprint and cameras!

Well, it is really going to be an interesting device and we will keep you updated if any further news reaches us. Stay tuned.Cheers ?

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