Eidetics in Modern Technologies of Teaching

Nowadays, you can sometimes hear about the active role of eidetics in modern teaching technologies. But what is eidetics? It is a memory doctrine based on imaginative impressions, allowing to retain and reproduce the memorized images or phenomena.

Historical background

At the same time, many people think that eidetics is a “child” of the 21st century. But in fact, the traditions of eidetics are rooted in the era of ancient Greece. After all, even in the writings of the thinkers of Antiquity, one can read about eidetics as a phenomenon that allows one to talk about the unique ability of emotional reproduction of visual images of both objects and events through a certain period of time.

Also, a huge interest in eidetics was observed in Western Europe in the 20s-40s of the XX century. This direction was especially active in Germany. Though, learning of the eidetics seriously began not so long ago.

The benefits of eidetics

Eidetics allows you to develop imaginative memory, concentration skills, and the ability to imagine.

Such improvement of human capabilities was relevant at all times, but in the modern world with its constantly growing information flows it has acquired a new sound. With what is it connected?

Very often, the problem of modern learning is that a person needs to learn too much different information. “I will not learn all this. I already have a mess in my head! “- often says one who is forced to study large amounts of educational materials.

Really, when you use the classical mechanical method of memorization, it is really difficult to physically and psychologically learn the bulk material. But when the techniques of eidetics are used in the teaching technology, the process of memorizing (thanks to the presence of imagery, emotional components) becomes much simpler.

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A well-developed eidetic memory allows you to quickly memorize even illogical formulas, hard-to-pronounce terms, multivalued numbers and their arrays. In addition, the role of eidetics is difficult to overestimate in the study of foreign languages.

Eidetic Tools

The main tools of eidetics are work with associations and acrobatic technique.

Work with associations is represented by two directions: a chain method (it appeals with associative logical connections) and the method of visual associations.

The chain method is based on the fact that any phenomenon can entail another. Information, when learning in this case, is disclosed gradually (from the general to the particular, from the private to the general or from the private to the other private one existing with it in the parallel information space).

As for visual associations, this method, on the contrary, is devoid of a logical component. But here the connection of a particular object with a particular place is especially important.

For example, when the school physics teacher explains to children how the electric current flows through the wires, then when using eidetics in teaching, the teacher can become in the doorway and say to the guys: “Imagine that all present in this class are electric charged particles. Now at the break our class will go to the dining room. I will accompany you and hurry up so that you will have time for the next lesson. The electric field with respect to the charged particles also acts. ”

At first glance, such an explanation is very absurd, because it lacks even a scientific justification. But the student visually represents the picture, connects it with a specific place. Electric particles in the view of a schoolboy “come to life.” A bright emotional image is born in his head.

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Likes and dislikes                  

The student in the above-mentioned case will remember what the essence of the electric current is for a long time. And if a student simply reads a dry definition, then alas, in memory, it will remain only for those who are really interested in the subject. That’s about technical subjects. Though, if you are not willing to deal with your essays, there is also a solution – uk essays help – a reliable service that serves the students worldwide.

Many children (especially those with a humanitarian mindset) do not just dislike science, but they also have a fear of it. But, if in the teaching of physics, chemistry, mathematics there is an orientation to the methods mentioned above, then the number of children who are afraid of such disciplines will become much less.

As for the acrobatic method, this method is based on the creative transformation of “dry” information into “living” texts. It can be, for example, “encryption” of educational material in poems, songs and anecdotes. As a rule, working with information in this way causes particularly pleasant emotions. As you know, it’s always easier, more interesting and more important to remember any material, being in a nice mood. It’s more effective as well. Learning with a smile is not a fantasy. This is eidetics!

Summarizing the foregoing, we can say that the use of eidetic techniques allows us to say that education becomes the most natural and harmonious in relation to the process of human brain development inherent in nature. Here psychological stress is minimized, and memorization and assimilation of information becomes easy and exciting. As a result, the working capacity and enthusiasm for the subject are significantly increased, and an expressive desire for the new achievements appears.

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