Do you want to make your Android device look like iOS 11?

If so, then you are in the right place…

Making any Android look like iOS is simple!

Steps On How To Install iOS 11 on Android

Now the mesmerizing thing about Android devices is that they can be customized easily.

There are already plenty of Launchers which change the entire look of your phone in seconds! Well, you will be stunned to know about the Microsoft Launcher that’ll link your Android to your Windows 10!

What if you are not using the latest Android? Well, compatibility is not an issue for this.

This method will work with almost all the Androids from KitKats(4.0) to Oreo’s (8.0).

Why Should You Use Launchers and Not ROM?

Launchers are just like normal apps that could be uninstalled quickly without any hassle and technical knowledge. However, ROMs need a bit of knowledge on how to flash them. Talking About ROMs, Here’s Everything About ROMs you should know!

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Install iOS 11 on Android from Play Store.

[appbox googleplay appid=ls.iphone6s.iphone7.iphone7plus.IOS.iphone8.ios10.ios11.os11.launcher.theme]

After installing and running the app I think you are pretty much good to go for the HomeScreen part.

However, having a launcher only won’t give that feel or fulfillment so if you want your customization game to be strong follow the other steps!

For the LockScreen you will need to install iOS11 Locker – IOS Lock Screen

[appbox googleplay]

ios 11 on android

iOS11 Locker – IOS Lock Screen Pretty much solves your problem of having a stunning looking iPhone Lockscreen. Also, it not only looks like it but also has many features like Swipe Notifications to Reply Messages, iOS 11 Style Music Control, Lock Screen Notifications,

Now that you have an iOS-like LockScreen and a home screen it is time to up your game by changing the Notification bar.

iNoty iOS 11 like Notification Bar

ios11 on android

It is the most famous and trustworthy app to do so, and also it works like a charm. Well, the developers suggest to use it with iLauncher, and it works best with it.

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But Wait!

Here’s a pro-tip, If you want your phone to not to slow down as hell. I would recommend sticking with the launcher itself, but If you have flagship smartphone, then you are free to use anything you would like but budget phone owners you will have a hard time loading all that bloat.

Well, I am not scaring anyone just doing my part :) Enjoy the iOS 11 on Android!


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