April 8, 2020

How to download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone

How to download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone, Would you like to download a video of Instagram on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Although the social network does not have a native function for it, you have at your disposal different apps that allow you to download the contents. We tell you how to use them.

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1: iPhone: download Instagram videos with Workflow

Apple makes available the iPhone app Workflow, a tool to automate workflows that is capable of performing more than 200 tasks. allows you to download them from Instagram.

To do this, install and activate Workflow and then use this workflow. Enter the link from your iPhone browser and click Get workflow to add it. Then go to Instagram and copy the URL of the video by clicking on the three-point icon and selecting Copy link so that the link is saved to the clipboard.

Then enter Workflow, click on the Instagram video button and press the Play button at the top. Wait for the process to complete and the video will be saved on your reel.

How to download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone

2: iPhone: download videos from Instagram with Regrammer

ReGrammer is another interesting application to download Instagram videos on your iPhone.  You can get it for free from the App Store.

Once you have it installed on your mobile, copy the video link as we indicated in the previous step, then pastes the URL into the text field and click on  Preview.

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It may be that before you watch the video an ad is played, so if it appears to wait a few seconds for it to happen. Then you can watch the video and to download it click the Share button and then Save video.

How to download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone

3: iPhone: download videos of Instagram with Grabit

If you want to download videos of Instagram on your iPhone you also have at your disposal Grabit, an application that you can get for free in this link of the App Store.

When installed, log in with your Instagram credentials and find the video you want to download. To download to the reel of your iPhone just  click on the download icon. In addition, you have the advantage that you can also use this method to download photos.

How to download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone

4: iPhone: download Instagram videos with a file manager

If you have an iPhone, another alternative you can use to download videos from Instagram to your mobile phone are file managers like Browser and File Manager for Documents, a free application that you will find in the App Store.

Its use is very simple:  copy the URL of the video, place it in the Browser tab of the application and write in the address bar of the top  Pickvideo.net,  Savefrom.net  or  DreDown.com. Then, paste the video link to save it to the reel of your iPhone.

Another great site to download posts is Insta Offline it not only provides basic features but also has an option to Download Carousel Posts and videos! And honestly it’s the best that I’ve used and I surely recommend to bookmark this site if you like to save Instagram posts offline frequently.


5: Android: download videos with Video Downloader for Instagram

If your smartphone is an Android, you will also find different apps to download Instagram videos. One of them is Video Downloader for Instagram, which you can get free on Google Play.

As with iOS app, the first step is to copy the video link. In Android, it is obtained in the same way: by clicking on the icon with three points and selecting the option Copy URL. Once you have it, you will see a small shortcut on the screen to Video Downloader for Instagram. Click on it and paste the link in the text field to download the video in your gallery.

6: Android: download videos with iGrab

Another tool that Android offers you to download videos from Instagram for free is iGrab. Once you have downloaded it to your mobile, log in with your Instagram user name and password and find the video you would like to download using the application interface, either by selecting it from the users you follow or by using the search engine for keywords.

Once you have located the video, download it is very simple: look for the download button under the publication and press it. In a few seconds, the content will be saved in the gallery on your smartphone.

7: Android: download videos with Save & Repost for Instagram

Save & Repost for Instagram is another application that will be very useful to download the videos you want from this social network. You can get it for free on Google Play.

Its use has no greater mystery: once installed, to download the content to the gallery of your mobile copy the URL of the video in question, access the app and then click the download icon in the lower left corner. And ready!


8: Android: download videos with FastSave for Instagram

Another useful application to download Instagram videos to your Android phone is FastSave for Instagram. It is one of the best rated Google Play and you can get it free from this link.

Once you have installed the tool, start the app and activate and activate the slider you will find in the center of the window to start the service. When you have done this, click on the Open Instagram button to enter the social network and copy the link of the video you want to download. Then the download will start automatically and you will see the file saved in the gallery of your mobile phone.

How to download Instagram videos from Android and iPhone

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