Download Google Pixel Dialer App for Android M & Above

A couple of days before, the Google Pixel Camera app  was made available for the users to download by XDA.Well, the same thing has happened again as some members at XDA succeeded in porting the Google Pixel Dialer app for Nexus devices and other Android phones. The only requirement is that your phone must be running Android Marshmallow or above. Also, no rooting is required. You only need to install the simple apk file.



Well, when you’ll open the app for the first time, you’ll see that nothing has changed much as compared to the previous stock dialer app for Android L and M. But, the color scheme is a bit changed ( Though it is still Blue) and the real change is seen when you receive or make calls. When any call is made or received, you’ll notice the translucent Blue background with the options arranged in a very clean and simple way. When you receive someone’s call, the callers image will be shown at the bottom with th options to Slide up for Answering and Slide Down for Ending the call.

Well, the app includes some bugs in it and you should keep them in mind. The users who have used this app have so far reported about these bugs :

  • Cannot Delete Individual Calls from Call .Logs.
  • Caller ID isn’t working.
  • Applications stops sometimes when user is changing the settings of the app.

To make sure that the app works perfectly, you should make it the default phone app. Anyways, as mentioned before, the Google Pixel Dialer App can be installed on any phone running Android Marshmallow and above. To download the app, tap on the button given below.

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