Facebook is fun, no doubt. But, sometimes a user finds the constant notifications and advertisements annoying and hence wants to remove his/her Facebook account permanently. Well, this is very easy to do but in case you’re finding it a bit hard then no problem! We’re here to help you out with this issue! For those who just want to take a short break from Facebook, there is also an option for ‘Temporary’ deactivation. This means you can reactivate your Facebook account after a specified period!

But wait! Aren’t you missing something? What about those precious pictures you posted throughout the months or years you were on Facebook? Well, nothing to worry as there is a way to backup your Facebook data. How? Follow these steps:

1)Log into your Facebook account. ( Common sense? Eh!)
2)Click on the downward arrow shown on the top right and then go to ‘Settings’.
3)There, go to the ‘General Settings’.
4)Then find the option which says ‘ Download A Copy Of Your Facebook Data.’ Click on it and    that’s it!
5)Click on ‘Start My Archive’, re-enter your password and click on the option again!
6)Soon, you will get the download link through E-mail and from there you can download the data.

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Well, It seems you understood how to take the backup of deleting your Facebook account. Now, follow these steps to remove the account permanently:

1). Once more go to the drop down menu and go to ‘Help’ option.
2). There, find choose ‘Delete Account’ and confirm!
3).As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Facebook will give you 14 days to reactivate the account and as the period finishes, your account will be deactivated permanently!

So, that was everything you needed to know about deactivating facebook account. Hope you will like the article! Keep V


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