What is Data Recovery and How is it Helpful For You?

After a device goes through malfunction or data loss owing to various reasons including virus attacks, data recovery assists in restoring or recalling the lost data from the device. Data recovery supports situations like the accidental formatting of hard drive and deletion of data without actually intending to do so. The reason behind data loss could also be partition loss, failure in booting the system, etc. Data recovery can also access hidden and inaccessible data.

Data recovery can be executed on different storage platforms such as hard disk drives, USB, Memory cards, SD card, internal and external storage drives, etc. Every storage device is made up of certain electronic equipment which may stop working without any specific reason. It might lead to damages, which leads to the loss of certain part of the data or the entire data. Data recovery comes to your rescue in such conditions. It helps you recover the desired files from the damaged storage area. Thus, data can be restored.

What is data loss?

It is very essential to comprehend the meaning of data loss. Only the perfect understanding of the term can predict a successful or an unsuccessful data recovery. Deleting certain files by mistake does not suggest that the data is lost. It is always present in the recycle bin. Until you remove the files from the recycle bin manually, it does not require data recovery. It can be restored by simply selecting restore from the menu that pops up after you right click on the desired file or folder.

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Data loss results in inaccessibility of the files that were lost, present in the storage device. This might be an aftermath of logical or physical corruption of the drive. This leads to inaccessibility and data recovery accesses all these inaccessible and hidden files.

Reasons behind data loss:

Logical failure

Logical failure is common in both traditional and modern hard drives. In this type of failure, the drive can’t be accessed. However, it is notified in the BIOS or Disk management. This can be a result of file system corruption, OS failure, registry damages, etc. The internal structure of the problem drive remains safe. So, there is a fine chance of the data being recovered. Data recovery programs/software access the inaccessible files and hence, the files can be easily restored.

Physical failure refers to the permanent failure of different storage devices. It involves damages in the electronic equipment present inside the storage device. This leads to the deletion of important files present in the storage device. It requires data recovery experts/ the best data recovery software to access such files and restore them.

To prevent such data loss disaster:

Using latest technology and the tools that come with the package helps you handle such situations efficiently. The most common methods to solve the crisis include Cloud space, backup drive, and inbuilt OS utility to store data. Enterprises should go for virtual cloud space as it enables the storage of bulk data and makes the data accessible to various servers anywhere in the world. You must always keep a backup of important files by burning a copy to CDs and DVDs or distributing it across a set of storage channels including backup drives. However, it is also essential to check the consistency of your backup storage regularly. It will increase the possibilities of instant recovery of data because there are chances that the backup drive itself becomes corrupted.

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The entire data recovery process…

Data is basically stored in the hard drive platters which spin at a rate of 800 to 15000RPM. Corruption of the hard drive or damages occurs when there is an issue in the arms or the platters of the drive. This will further lead to issues in reading or write the file. When data goes missing from a storage area, it is not permanently deleted. It remains/ exists somewhere on the device itself, which is eventually seen by the data recovery tools. Before the recovery, during the process, the data recovery tools would collect the formatted files or data from the Master Boot Record and show a preview of those files. Certain virus attacks like Trojan horse have the power to modify affected files. Hence, there are chances that the recovery of severely damaged files is not possible.

  • Data recovery is possible in devices like hard disk drives, USBs, Flash drives, DVDs, CDs, tablets, smart phones, Digital cameras, iPhone, etc.
  • Avoid unwanted methods like putting your failed disk into the freezer.
  • The difference between data recovery and data repair is that data repair applies for files that are severely corrupted and damaged and cannot be read. Whereas, data recovery is the process of restoring damaged files.
  • Data recovery does not always turn out successful. There are certain limitations to data recovery. Sometimes, the files might be overwritten or affected by Trojan horse virus. They are not recoverable. Data recovery however, is, mostly useful and successful as long as the file exists as it was.
  • You are not necessarily required to be a technology expert to solve the crisis of data loss. You just need to be proficient with basic computer skills. Overall, data recovery tools and software help you recover files that are very important to you and hold value to you.
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