Cyanogenmod 14 For Android Nougat in Works!

Android Nougat was released 2 days before and everyone is damn excited for it. The Nexus devices including 6, 5X, 6P etc have got this update ( except Nexus 5). Many users are saying that there is almost nothing special in the latest release as compared to the Developer Preview 5. Anyways, what about those devices that aren’t Nexus? How can users having phones other than Nexus will experience the Android Nougat? Well, we all know which OS can provide the exact Android experience. Cyanogenmod OS! Whenever talks about custom ROMs or OS happen, CyanogenMod OS is always the first to be mentioned. Well, Brace yourself as the CyanogenMod 14 is all set to make its debut!

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We have seen that each time a new Android OS is released, work on the CyanogenMod OS based on that particular Android OS begins. Modders start their work and final their hard works pays off. The development of CyanogenMod 14 for the Nexus 5X has started, which is a very good thing!

As mentioned before, not everyone uses a Google Nexus! But, this  doesn’t mean those users can’t enjoy the Android Nougat experience. CyanogenMod has always been the hope of those who want to experience the latest and fresh Android OS on their devices even if they aren’t supported for the update! The developers have managed to build Android 7.0 based ROMs from the source of this new Android OS. ?

As for now, we only know that the development process has started for the CyanogenMod 14 and we can expect to see the final build next month! So, what are your thoughts on this? Do let us know via comments ?

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