Everything You Need To Know About Custom ROMs!


As we all know, there are a huge number of smartphones available in the market today. But, do all OEMs update their phones to the latest version of Android.? Well, the answer to this questions is an NO. Updating their products to the latest version is not an easy task as it involves a lot of steps for an update to reach your phone.But we don’t get Custom ROM(s) officially.

There are a lot of people including me who love to check out new features and performance improvements that have been added to new version. In this situation when you don’t get the required update, you will obviously need to flash a Custom ROM manually on your Android Device.

Most of the Android devices that are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processors are the one’s which get many types of ROMs which are updated very frequently.


Now, coming to the title. What is a Custom ROM ?

  • A Custom ROM is an aftermarket build of the version of Android you are looking for with additional features and performance tweaks.
  • It is built when Google release their Source Code for that particular version of Android.
  • A Custom ROM is developed by Un-Official Developers who download the Android Source from Google and build on top of it to make it run on a specific device.
  • Some of the ROMs have frequent updates as soon as new updates are released.
  • Installing a Custom ROM would void your warranty.
  • You must ensure that you have a Custom Recovery and it also requires you to be rooted.
  • More about Rooting your Android Device – https://www.thechipped.com/root-explained/
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Where can you find Custom ROMs?

Custom ROMs are mainly and easily available on a site called “XDA – Developers”.

Link – www.xda-developers.com/

Some really amazing and famous Custom ROMs –

  • CyanogenMod
  • Mokee
  • Resurrection Remix
  • AICP – Android Ice Cold Project
  • AOKP – Android Open Kang Project
  • Infinitive OS
  • MiUi

Sometimes, Installing a Custom ROM can cause serious issues to your Android Smartphone and we warn you to try one at your own risk. But once you get into the flow, we will be prepared to see the other face of the Android Smartphone community. !

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