How to convert audio files from WhatsApp to mp3

The implementation of voice messages in WhatsApp has been one of the greatest successes of the application belonging to Mark Zuckerberg. Virtually all messaging applications have adopted this function, and it is a standard in any message exchange software. However, the application of the great W has its own format in terms of audio files, so we cannot play its content in any player external to WhatsApp. Today we will show you how to change the format of the audio from WhatsApp to mp3 to play them in any application that supports this extension.

Convert audio files from WhatsApp to mp3

In addition, this method is compatible with any version of Android and without the need to be root users, so you can apply it on any device, either a smartphone or a tablet.

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Change the format of the WhatsApp audios with Opus To Mp3 Converter

Surely you have ever thought about saving a certain audio or voice note of WhatsApp to use it in another device or audio playback application. If you have tried to do it, you will have noticed that they have a formatopus and are not usable outside the green phone application. Thanks to the application of  Opus To Mp3 Converter this is possible with a couple of clicks.

The operation of this application is so simple that we will only have to navigate to the path of the file in question once it is opened to begin the conversion. If you do not know the location of the audio files and WhatsApp voice notes, they are stored by default in the storage / emulated / 0 / WhatsApp / Media route. In the case of voice notes, they are stored in the WhatsApp  Voice Notes folder. For the audios, we can find them in WhatsApp Audio.

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After having found the desired note or audio, we only have to click on the Convert to mp3 option to change the format of the file. Also, we can change the save location before proceeding with the conversion and choose several files at the same time. Within the settings of the application, we can also change parameters such as the bitrate of the audiothe sampling frequency or the channel of the same (mono or stereo) in the corresponding sections.

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