HP Chromebook 13 : Slim, Stylish & Powerful!

A lot of Chromebooks are being launched which are not only budget friendly but can also be used as the secondary laptop. HP, a much popular brand has recently launched the Chromebook 13, and this is different from all the Chromebooks seen so far! Reason? It is fragile, has superb features and has been made out of metal!

HP, here at an event at the Google’s office in New York, unveiled the Chromebook 13. Google mentioned that they had contributed to the design of this Chromebook. Well, it is not new because, since a long time, Google is trying to show that Chrome OS is best even for the high-end machines and the Chrome ecosystem makes them more attractive! As an example, we can take the Chromebook Pixel, which is a year old but is still priced at 999$ ( Rs.66.000).


One of the main characters of the new Chromebook is its fast processor and more RAM! In fact, it is the first Chromebook to have an INTEL Core M Skylake processor and a massive 16GB of RAM! The Core M processor lets the Chromebook run like a Macbook. So with the new Chromebook, now we can easily understand how well the Chrome OS will run on a Macbook. (Sweet)
Rest of the features include a 13.3 inches display with a resolution of 3200×1800 pixels! There are 2 USB Type-C ports, USB 3.0 Port, Headphone Jack and not to forget, a MicroSD Card reader. The story doesn’t end yet! Google and HP claim that the battery of the Chromebook 13 can easily last for 11 hours. The Chromebook 13, being just half-inched thin, weighs just 1.29KG ( 2.86 Pounds) and brushed aluminum has been used to make it which makes it more beautiful and stable!

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There will be three variants of the Chromebook 13! The lowest one will have some lesser features than other two. But, there will be no compromise with the design for sure. It will be priced at $499. The second variant will have Core M3 chip with 4GB RAM and will be priced at $599. Lastly, the price of the high-end option is not yet confirmed, but it will be a bit more expensive than the Chromebook Pixel, i.e., $1000+.

Well, it will be great to see how well this new Chromebook will perform. Do let us know your views about the new Chromebook 13!

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