FPPT Review : Thousands of High-Quality & Free PowerPoint Templates

FPPT Review : Imagine a scenario in which I instruct you to read a long story with no pictures or illustrations in it. Clearly, you will be exhausted and it won’t be interesting to read. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where I instruct you to read the same story yet, this time,

Do you want to be inside WhatsApp without anyone seeing you? Learn to do it here

The most important instant messaging application of the moment hosts millions of chats per day. Through the interaction between hundreds of millions of users, it is normal that our mobile receives a large number of messages from friends and family. This, at times, can be somewhat stressful, because when we see that we are online, other users take

The 3 best applications to manage your Gmail email

The absolute dominance of Gmail over other mail clients is quite patent. However, the official Gmail app does not convince everyone when it comes to managing our inbox. That is why we are going to recommend some alternatives that allow you to add a plus of effectiveness to your work organization. We have selected three apps, Inbox, Unroll.me and Boomerang. Let’s analyze

Biggest chip deal in history: Broadcom is considering buying Qualcomm

In the US, perhaps the biggest deal among chip manufacturers that has happened in the history of the IT industry. Broadcom, a specialist in radio chips, is currently considering purchasing the chip giant Qualcomm, which is well known for its ARM-based mobile SoCs. As the US economic service Bloomberg reports, citing sources that are to be familiar with the project