Bluetooth 5 Coming : 2X Range, 4X Transfer Speed!

We all know there are now a lot of ways to transfer the files between two phones or laptop computers which are amazingly faster but one thing holds true for sure. Whenever we speak about transferring documents or data from one device to a different, the only thing that comes to our mind is Bluetooth. Agree? Many of us have used this to transfer any sort of files from a single device to another. Yes! Nowadays, rarely anyone uses it, most probably due to the slow transfer speed. Nevertheless, folks, prepare yourself to change your mind as you’ll certainly be witnessing something faster, very faster soon. Bluetooth 5, the new version of Bluetooth is coming on June 16th and it will have 4X transfer rate than its precursors.

The whole information has been revealed by Tag Powell, the part of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. He said-

A couple of the most repeated questions I receive are, “What does the next version be called?  and “What can it make possible”. I’m very happy to tell you that on 16th June, we will formally announce that the next version of Bluetooth will be named as “Bluetooth 5”. The new naming approach is focused on simplifying our marketing, communicating user benefits more effectively and rendering it better to signal significant technology updates to the market.


As mentioned at the start, the new version will be 4X faster than the previous versions in conditions of the transfer rate. This will really make for quite the improvement in the performance of what is currently available. It will have a lot of new features , one of these being the ability to employ larger ” advertising packets”. Well, an advertising packet has the potential to send the devices information even if they’re not paired. The information includes identification including the name of the device. An additional improvement will come in the Bluetooth Audio. Seeing that the Bluetooth 5 will have a blazing rate so wireless audio  will be improved a whole lot.

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Lastly, the new version will not be available for any device. Seeing that it is new, it will require new hardware too. We could see the new Bluetooth 5 in upcoming devices, maybe in Note 7! Very well, you better stay fine-tuned for much more updates! ?

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