Blackberry Phones Won’t be Made by Blackberry Anymore

Blackberry is going through a tough phase despite the share of the company improved a little this year. Since the beginning of 2016, many rumors had already suggested things like the company will stop making devices with Blackberry OS, the company will start making Android devices etc. Today, blackberry officially revealed that the Blackberry phones will no longer be made by blackberry. In more simple words, we will see Blackberry branding but in actual, the phones will not be made by the company. Maybe you are now remembering Nokia because the same thing happened with Nokia also!


The company has said that it failed to impress users with its phones running the Google’s Android OS. So, from now, other brands will manufacture the phones and there will be Blackberry branding only. In fact, it will depend on those brands to sell the devices so that the company can save some amount. You’ll be thinking about those brands. Blackberry has so far revealed the name of just one company and that’s the BB Merah Putih, an Indonesian venture that includes PT Tiphone which is an affiliate of Telkomsel. For your information, Telkomsel is the biggest mobile carrier of Indonesia.

Android and iPhone are the two major factors that started the dark phase of Blackberry. After the introduction of Android and iOS, Blackberry was put back on its heels. The company still didn’t give up and launched Blackberry phones with much improved Blackberry OS. But, at last, they had to surrender and then the company tried to launch Android OS based devices. Well, they also failed to impress the customers and hence Blackberry has to take such decision.

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John Chen, the CEO of Blackberry, released a statement about all this matter. He said –

The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners. This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital.

Well, all we can do is to wish the company for the future because it was Blackberry that made us fell in love with phones. ( Along with Nokia). The legacy should continue and Blackberry has the potential to do this. ?

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