April 8, 2020

BlackBerry Continues Their Keyboard Trend!

If you’re a Blackberry user, then we’ve got good news for you!

Yes, this post is especially for their Fans!
Is there a price decrease? No.

Last Month the company officially discontinued its signature QWERTY smartphones which then gave rise to a lot of rumors.
One such rumor suggested that the company is going to ditch its iconic keyboard, which then lead to a massive outcry by the BlackBerry fans.


But the Good news is that Fans need not worry.it is not going to remove it’s keyboard anytime soon!


As per the tweet by one of the executives of the company, keyboard is here to stay.

This reminds us of the vertical sliding blackberry price which had a touch screen as well as combined with a sliding keyboard.


According to reports, Blackberry will be launching two new touchscreen-only handsets this year. The handsets will be the BlackBerry Neon and Argon variants which are set to feature an 18MP camera along with Snapdragon 625 chipsets.

But the company hasn’t done so well in these years after the rise of companies like Xiaomi, Motorola.etc launching budget friendly devices equipped with the latest features available in the market. Bl

With the price of the BlackBerry price being around 60,000/- it failed to conquer the smartphone market. $1000! Seriously Blackberry? What more you expect, But the real thing in the Blackberry Keyboard is the keyboard. This is something rare in Android devices these days. So, the company has undoubtedly kept the dreams alive :D

Anyways, which was your favorite handset? Let us know in the comments down below

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