e-Services in India: Birth Certificate Online

Some of the most crucial e-services like online passport, PAN card, LPG connections, etc. are getting digitized in India. Here comes another essential service that is soon going to be digitized under the same hood. We are talking about birth certificate in India which is one of the crucial government certificates in the country. It should ideally be the first ever government certified document with which a newly born infant is registered to.Also these days we need certificates which are important to us, like birth certificate online , and other too.

Advantages of getting birth certificate in India

As said above, it is one of the most critical government certified document in the country, so it does come with many privileges that help a newly born baby to get linked to other essential services. You can use birth certificate in below cases:

  • While getting enrolled with other services/cards like passport, aadhar card, pan card, voter card, etc., you are required to submit birth certificate as your demographic/residential proof
  • It helps during school admission. Birth certificate is made necessary during school admissions (it is compulsory in all government funded schools and in some well reputed private funded schools as well)
  • Helps with identifying the age of the registered person. On the basis of birth certificate, one can be enrolled with other government bodies/rules (like validating if the person is legally allowed to marry someone or not, whether he/she is adult or not, whether he/she can vote or not and several other services like this)
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These are common uses/scenarios where the birth certificate is required.

Birth Certificate Online 

The government has plans to port birth certificate related services to the online platform. If it is achieved, then you don’t need to rush to nearest GPO or Municipal Party office for enrolling details of newly born child. You will be able to register the details online by filling simple registration forms.

Best time to register birth details in within 21 days of the birth. During this time you will not be asked for any additional permission (which is required in later cases) and also will not be charged anything. In case you register between 21-30 days then you will have to pay a minimal late fee. However in case you are going to register details after one month, then you will need to write permission from top level officers (so please try to enroll details as soon as possible).

Right now the process is in very initial phase where you can check for step by step details about how to register birth certificate offline. Once the process is completed, there will be separate dedicated online birth certificate registration portals for each state. You will be able to submit your details there.

Although it becomes a responsibility of individual state government (to port birth certificate offline  related services to an online platform), but the central government is too playing their part seriously, and it appears that we will very soon have a completely digital infrastructure for a birth certificate. We will update you once the government opens the doors to accept birth certificate online. Do let is know your views on the same in the comment section below

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