We use a lot of vehicles like Motorcycle, Car etc for our private transportation but today electric cycles, aka E-Bikes are becoming famous as private transportation and they are becoming very major part of this market! A lot of companies are making E-Bikes but what if you could make your own E-Bike out of your cycle in just 60 seconds! This will be really amazing, no doubt. But, the question is, how to do that. Well, let us find out.
A wheel named GeoOrbital will help to do this thing. Now you will think, Seriously! A wheel? Yes, Of course, a wheel! The GeoOrbital Project completed after 2-years and it has been launched under Kickstarter Campaign for pre-orders! Let us discuss  how it actually works!



As mentioned earlier, GeoOrbital is a wheel which will be used in place of the front wheel of your bike to convert it into an E-Bike. And that’s it! Your bike will be converted into an E-Bike. This wheel consists of small electric wheels which help in rotating the rim. Just like a gear, these wheels hold the wheel and thus the bike catches speed. To start the bike, a 500W motor helps and also there is a 36W battery inside the wheel. GeoOrbital rim has 3 wheels but interestingly only one works with electric power and rest of the two are to make the bike stable. The material used in making this wheel is Solid Foam and it weighs 9.07 KiloGrams! As per the throttle, it comes in the form of a small liver which can be attached to the handle. There is a power button on it, using which the wheel rotates. Also, there are LED lights to indicate the battery! This is only a 60 seconds job to transform your bike into an E-Bike!


1. 2 Variants – 26 inches and 28/29/700C ! 2. Travel 19 KM with one charge, and 32KM using the other variant (28/29/700C). 3. 32KMPH in just 6 seconds! 4. Top Speed – 19 and 32 KM per Hour! 5. Removable and easily chargeable battery.

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6. It just takes 3 hours for the 26-inch variant to charge and 4 hours for another variant!

At last, let us come to the pricing! You can get the wheel for $699 if you back the project before it ends. The retail price will go up to $950 at the launch. The price is not much of we take into consideration the price of E-Bikes.GeoOrbital will surely face a tough competition because there are some same gears available in the market. So, let us wait and see how GeoOrbital performs!

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