One of the famous landmarks of London is the ‘Big Ben Tower’, and an interesting thing about it is that the Big Ben is sounding the London since 157 years! Big Ben is actually a nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of Palace of Westminster in London. The tower is officially known as the Elizabeth tower! In 2009, it completed its historical 150 years. But soon it is going to be silenced. Reason? Well, due to some small repairs, the Big Ben will be silenced and not for days or weeks! The Big Ben will be silenced for months, the repair team said.
Now, it is estimated that more than $42 million will be spent on the so-called ‘small’ repair! So, the historic building will be renovated, and it could take even months for the job to complete! So  London might miss the pleasant sound of the continuously running Big Ben! The repair team has found several problems with Clock’s hands, mechanism pendulum and much more that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Leaks, erosion, and rusting are also the some other causes of the renovation.


Steve Jaggs, the Keeper of the Clock, said –

This project will enable us to give one of Britain’s most famous landmarks the T.L.C. it so desperately needs and deserves.

All the repairing and renovation will begin in early 2017. Now, this is not the first time the clock has been silenced! The Bell was stopped for about nine months in 1976 and about six weeks in 2007, for maintenance.
Well, that was all about the news. Also, the government has mentioned that the clock will keep running, and also one of its four gorgeous faces will be visible at all time!

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