April 8, 2020

7 Best Handpicked Hacking Books Free Download In PDF 2019

Out of the many IT careers that today programmers and engineers aim for, one of the most reputed ones is ethical hacking which is fully supported by the government. Understanding the basic fundamentals of Information Technology is not that difficult, however, learning to code is. If you want to learn to program you can click here to check our online guide to know how to start to learn to code. However, ethical hacking is a skill that requires high expertise and practice. One can easily rate ethical hacking as the most difficult IT job to do. Along with risks in hacking, there are many chances that a hacker can lose his job if he fails to do his work precisely. Therefore, for getting such precise in hacking, here are some top rated ethical hacking books PDF that our experts have handpicked for you.

The Best Ethical Hacking Books in PDF Format

Below is the list of the best collection of ethical hacking e-books, always remember that the knowledge provided by these books is for educational purposes and should not be used to indulge in any illegal activity. Ethical hacking education, by no means, supports any criminal activity, and any such activity is punishable under the law. Let us begin our list of the best Ethical hacking books PDF that are available for free in the year 2019.

Hackers High School 13 PDF

Hackers High School 13 is a complete package of 13 different PDF books that shed some light on basic operating systems like Windows and Linux and introduce you to the proper functioning of various protocols like mailing (SMTP), websites (HTTP), website, protection, etc. You can download Hackers High School 13 PDF for free.

Download PDF

A Beginners Guide To Hacking Computer Systems

This Ebook is a great source of information about computer hacking that is available in a small size of just 512KB. This book is also available on Amazon and elaborates the hacking topics discussed, very neatly. You can download a Beginners Guide To Hacking Computer Systems in PDF format for free.

   Download PDF

Black Book of Viruses and Hacking

Black Book of Viruses and Hacking is written by Mark Ludwig in English language and is a coalition of 183 pages. The download size of Black Book of Viruses and Hacking is less than 5 MB. This amazing guide is renowned for its well-explained topics, good examples and the deep information about ethical hacking given by the author. You can click downlaod the Black Book of Viruses and Hacking which is definitely one of the best ethical hacking books PDF that you can download online.

Download PDF

Botnets The Killer Web Applications


Botnets The Killer Web Applications is available in paperback as well as in Ebook format. This book has been written by Craig A Schiller who is the President of Hawkeye Security Training along with many other computer experts like Jim Binkley and Tony Bradley.

Download PDF

OWASP Hacking Tutorials and Web App Protection

OWASP is a hacking lab, or at least that is what the company likes to call themselves. OWASP provides ethical hacking enthusiasts with various challenges and riddles on their online platform and sharpens their overall hacking skills. Along with the platform, they have also produced several hacking books PDF.

Download PDF

501 Website Hacking Secrets

501 Website Hacking Secrets is a popular internet hacking book that is available on Amazon and in many countries including the USA, UK and India. The author of 501 Website Hacking Secrets is Micheal Miller.

Download PDF

Advanced SQL Injection

One of the most famous and in-use programming languages is SQL which is used to manage database systems and relational database systems. SQL Injection is a code or program that when executed, can destroy the database of a firm or individual.

Advanced SQL Injection is a well-elaborated Ebook written by Joe Mccray that deals especially with the topic of SQL Injections and explains to the reader how to create and manage an SQL injection themselves.

Download PDF


These were some top ethical hacking books PDF files that you can download in the year 2019. There’s always no end to knowledge so feel free to surf through any of these Ebooks. You might find one book better than other which is the actual essence of learning and passion.

As of 2019, the salary of an Ethical Hacker in India ranges from 12 lakh per annum to 80 lakh per annum, which is a good hefty amount if compared to today’s inflation. Moreover, due to the increase in online businesses and rapid digitalization, the number of jobs and salaries for an ethical hacker are only going to increase in future.

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