April 3, 2020

5 Best Android Free Recharge Apps You Must Try

Nowadays, every second person owns a smartphone. It is the first thing a person looks at in the morning and the last thing at night! Apart from charging the smartphone, you also need to recharge it with an Internet pack or a talk time. Since we spend such long hours on our smartphone, don’t you think that we should have some way using which we can earn some money on it? You could use this money for recharging your smartphone which would save you a considerable amount of money.

Thus, we have created a list of some of the apps which you can use on your Android device and make money from them! Using these apps, you can easily earn a free recharge for your Android device. So let’s understand what these apps have to offer us with. Check the best free recharge apps for android phone/tablet.

Best Free Recharge Android Apps

#1 mCent Browser

Since we spend a lot of time scrolling through our feeds from Instagram, Facebook, you can use the mCent browser for all such websites. mCent browser is compatible with a number of websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc. Talking about the reward, you are rewarded with some points for surfing on the web through the mCent browser. You can then redeem these points and order for any recharge you want for your Android device depending on the total points collected.

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#2 Slide

Since Android devices face a higher risk of getting hacked, you can use Slide as an additional protective layer for your Android device. Some of those threats are also from a Remote Access Tool like AndroRat.The Slide app is basically a screen lock app which rewards you with certain points, every time you unlock your smartphone using this app. This app also displays the latest news on the lock screen which you can read and earn additional rewards. Another quick method for earning points is by referring this app with your friends and family. You can finally redeem all the earned points for a free recharge on your Android device.

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#3 Task Bucks

This is a totally different app from the ones listed above. Here you do not have to browse or unlock your Android device. All you need to do is complete some of the tasks given to you which include downloading some apps, registering, using it for some time and keeping it installed on your Android device for a given time. You are awarded some amount for every step. Once all the steps are complete, you will have received the whole of the promised amount. You also get credited for referring this app to your friends. You can then use the earned amount to get free recharge.

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#4 TrueBalance

This app is very much similar to Task Bucks. This is because even here you are asked to complete simple tasks to earn free recharge for your smartphone. Some additional features of this app include live balance inquiry which is available also for dual sim card Android device, keep track of data usage and check the plans provided by your service provider in your area. You can also earn by referring this app to your friends. This is one of the most user-friendly free recharge apps.

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#5 PhonePe

This is one of the most widely used online payment systems which was founded in India. You might be wondering, how do you get free recharge from an online payment app? The answer is, you are awarded with PhonePe wallet balance for referring this app to your friends. You can use this money from the PhonePe wallet to recharge your smartphone from PhonePe itself! Also, there are numerous cashback offers available on using PhonePe. Thus you can use the cashback amount for recharging your Android device.

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These were the different ways using which you can easily earn free recharge for your smartphone. You can try them out and start getting recharges for free. If you have any queries regarding the above-mentioned apps, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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