This application tells you how handsome you are using Artificial Intelligence

LKBL is the first application that takes advantage of artificial intelligence and the ability to learn from computers to quantify beauty in a photograph.

Artificial intelligence is now very much on everyone’s lips. Many of the big companies in the technology sector are betting on this future. Developing software capable of learning by itself can help improve the performance of companies or take a step further in technologies such as the automotive industry.

LKBL (Likeable) appears. It is an application designed from artificial intelligence and automatic learning that claims to be able to quantify beauty. Its lead developer, David Schlemmer , says it is not like the rest of applications that give random numbers. Here is an algorithm and a fairly large database behind everything.

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An algorithm and database of dating websites is what LKBL uses

The operation of this application is based on an algorithm that uses millions of photos of people from different dating sites. In these sites, users are punctuated and this is where the reference is taken. ” Based on these photos and their assigned ranking, I’ve taught the app to appreciate the beauty of other people, ” this is what David Schlemmer tells us, who previously worked on developed artificial intelligence for facial recognition security systems.

When you take a picture, the application detects your face, compares it with the database and gives you a score. The application is prepared not only to quantify your face, but also the entire photograph. He is also able to check the lighting, clothing and quality of photography in general . For example, to know if to use it in your CV.

Artificial intelligence goes into something as subjective as beauty is with LKBL

This is not unquestionable, much less. We are talking about the first entry of artificial intelligence into something as subjective as the beauty of people . I have been able to see how he has given me more punctuation with a bad face than normal; and I’m not that ugly either. From a database and an algorithm is intended to quantify something as objective as it is beauty.

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It is true that artificial intelligence is able to even read lips today, but that is different, not something as subjective as how beautiful or handsome a person is. The application, the identification system and the algorithm are still in the test phase, but it is a first approach to Artificial Intelligence know how to value us in the same way that we would value a person.

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