April 3, 2020

Apple Watch 2 : Everything You Would Love!

Apple Watch Series 2

WatchOS 3 has:-

  1. Messaging: – Double tap to send automatic messages.
    Scribble To Create a Custom Message
  2. New App: – Breathe To Relief Stress and take a Deep Breath.
  3. Double tapping the watch will call 911 and send a message to an emergency number you select, which can be anyone you want them to know first when something happens to you.
  4. Multiple Fitness Apps
  5. Pokemon Go Compatibility: The Pokemon Go Plus device will be available to buy early next month. The Main screen will show Your Logo, Exp, and a start button to start playing. After starting to play it will show nearby Pokemon.
  6. New Great Bands for the Apple Watch Series 2.
  7. Not only Splash Proof But also Swim Proof up to 50 Meters. 
  8. New Speaker system. Speaker used to eject the water.
  9. Accurate calculating calorie burns while swimming
  10. Gives lap count, meters swam and time swam on the screen itself.
  11. 2nd Gen SiP (System in a Package) Dual Core Processor which is 50% faster.
  12. New GPU 2x Performance. Runs on 60fps.
    New Display which is twice the brighter. 1000nits the most bright display Apple shipped.
    Built in GPS in Series 2
  13. Cases available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel and new material “Ceramic” White Apple watch, pearl-like shine 4x harder than SSteel
    Built Environmental Friendly
  14. Special Apple Watch for Runners: – Collab with Nike for Runners, Apple Watch Nike Plus, Stretchy, airy band.
    Shortcut to Start Run, Siri will guide for runs, Advance Option for details about the run. Just Do It Sunday! For running on Sunday with all over world runners.
  15. Four Cool New Colors for the Apple Watch Nike Plus

Pricing for the Apple Watch Series 2

369$ for Both the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Nike Plus

Release Date: September 9- Pre-Order
Late October for Apple Watch Nike Plus

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