Android Q : First Look & What You Can Expect

Android Operating System for mobile phones was released in the year 2007. Throughout the past decade, we all witnessed a crazy buzz around all the previous versions of Android and their creative sweet tooth names. We received Gingerbread way long back which was the first truly successful Android OS from Google. Android 9.0 “P” or “Pie” was released so recently in August last year that the buzz around it is still afresh in our minds, however, the details of Android P’s successor Android Q, have been already leaked publicly.

The First Look At Android Q

The XDA leak of Android 10.0 or the possibly named Android Q was released this week and it is highly under speculation that Android Q is currently being tested and benchmarked for Google Pixel 3 devices. Currently, the dessert name of Android 10.0 or Android Q is still unknown but below are the features that have come under the light. Let us quickly cut to the chase.

Features of Android Q

#1. System-Wide Dark Mode

There will be a system-wide Dark Mode or Dark Theme that can be applied to your whole smartphone’s GUI in Android Q. This feature is a strong upgrade on the dark theme of Android P. When activated, all the applications installed on your smartphone will automatically launch in a darker greyish background.

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In order to activate the Dark Mode, users will require to activate it from the display settings. It is also expected that a day-night automatic dark mode to light mode switcher will be present in Android Q that will automatically switch your smartphone to Dark Mode at night and to Light Mode during day time. The main purpose of this feature is to improve readability in low-light while reducing the stress on eyes.

#2. XDA Developer Functions

More developer tools have been enrolled into Android Q as described in the XDA leak. However, it can take some time to understand these new developer features. Some of the developer features made available in Android Q are:

  • Freeform Windows Return
  • Game Updates Package Preference
  • Force Desktop Mode, which is a feature that works pretty similar to Samsung – Dex

#3. User Permissions

Checking user permissions given to all the apps have been made further easier in Android Q. Users can have an overview of all the permissions they have given to different apps in their smartphone and manage the permissions easily.

With Android Q, users can search applications using permissions like camera, location or microphone access with the help of the new permissions filter. Another quite interesting mode that has been added to permissions is that users would be also able to make specific permissions for specific or all applications only to be given when the application is running and withdraw the permissions when the application is stopped.

These were the few major features of Android Q that were revealed in the XDA leak. However, these were not all the changes that have been made available in Android Q, users can still expect new major and minor features of Android Q to be revealed as soon as the testing phase of Android Q is finished.

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When Will Android Q Release?

As Android Pie was recently released in August last year, it is difficult to say when will Android Q release but its release surely will not be soon enough for the Android device users but, the developer preview version of Android Q is expected to release in March this year and Public Beta version to release in May.

Considering the launch date of previous Android software versions, it is safe to say that Android Q would be made available to the public in Quarter 3 or 4 of this year. The best months an individual can expect Android Q to release are August and September, whereas as the Official dessert name of Android Q can release in early August.

Will My Phone Recieve Android Q?

Currently, no one has the answer to which smartphones will receive the Android Q update but the opinion of the mobile industry’s experts is that all the high-end smartphones, mid-end smartphones of 2018-19 and the flagship phones of Q3 and Q4 2017 can receive the Android Q update. Saying the same for low-budget mobile phones of 2018 or even 2019 is quite difficult.

If you are a OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T owner then you may also receive the Android Q update as it was also under speculations for a long time.

Android P (“Pie”) vs Android Q

In the year 2018, we witnessed some pretty new features in Android Pie like indoor and gesture navigation, dashboard, lockdown mode, smarter notifications, notch-support, auto-fill, adaptive battery, etc. Users will get to see all improved versions of these features in Android Q along with its many new unique features like the system-wide dark mode. The new Android from Google is expected to be more of a performance incremented software OS which will enhance the Android OS features even further and make the usage faster and smoother for the users.


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