A Case That Lets You Run Android On iPhone!

iPhone has almost everything except one thing and that is a customizable UI. Seriously guys, if you ever ask any iuser about customization then his reply would be – ‘ WHAT IS THAT?’ If you have used iPhone or are using one right now, then the only problem you face using it is that the UI is boring and isn’t customizable like the Android. So, what if I tell you that there is a way by which you can have full Android on iPhone! And this doesn’t mean you will use any theme or other stuff like that. You can have full Android OS on iPhone. How? That’s what I’m gonna discuss in this article. So, sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the article.


The whole thing revolves around a ‘CASE’. Yes! a normal looking 3D-Printed iPhone case.The case has been developed by Nick Lee, a developer and currently working at ‘TENDIGI’.Well, TENDIGI is a mobile design and development studio in Brooklyn. If you don’t know, earlier he was able to run Windows 95 on an Apple Watch! He loves to do such unique stuff and here is his latest invention – ‘A CASE THAT WILL LET YOU RUN ANDROID ON iPHONE ‘. As mentioned earlier, this is a 3D-Printed case.


The case

Obviously, only a case cannot o that stuff. There is some unique technology behind it.
Actually, Nick took advantage of the Android Open Source Project, often called AOSP and he made a clone of this OS. He made his own custom version of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and he made that to run on a board that he bought himself. Then, he just got a 3D-Printed iPhone case, put the board into it along with the battery, resistor, and a boost converter. He then did some customizations in the case to make it lightweight because it was bulky in the beginning. So, he slimmed it and then made openings for HDMI and USB ports. You will surprise to know that he made the case in such a way that the user can also use an external SD card on their iPhone, something that iusers misses a lot!

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Lastly, he booted Android on iPhone. How? He used the custom TENDIGI app on the iPhone to this task. Well, for you this may seem easy but the whole process took Nick a lot of days! The iPhone is connected to the case via the lightning port which communicates through the iOS through the custom TENDIGI app. Here is what Nick said about his amazing invention –

 ”At Tendigi , We’ve designed and built a case that allows iPhone devotees to sample the best Mountain View has to offer. Despite some obvious drawbacks, Android has a killer feature that made this project possible : the entire operating system is open-source. From scratch, I was able to develop an efficient AOSP workflow in about two days.”

Well, the whole thing is truly impressive. We hope to see a final product in the market in upcoming days. This will make iPhone users to run Android on their phone, to even expand the internal storage and to do everything an Android user does. What do you think about this? Let us know via comments section ?

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