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The Chipped is an independent Blog which is managed and directed by Amit Arora (Founder).This is a tech blog which was started back in May 2016 with a group of 5 people which came down to 2 individuals who were Amit Arora & Arvind Rana. Currently, Arvind Rana is no more a part of The Chipped, but his contribution to the site will always be remembered in future by our readers and people who are attached to The Chipped since the beginning of the blog.

What Will You Find On The Chipped mainly?

The Chipped which started as a multi-niche blog ended up as a tech blog which may expand in coming future. Currently, you would find reviews of products that we feel are worth a mention and a few posts related to list of things such as Top 10 Budget Phones or Laptops; you may also find some tutorials and how-to posts depending on the interest of our readers.

The primary motive of the site is to provide ‘tech info’ which is beyond Smartphones, Laptops and PCs and rumors about them. We are indeed trying our best to make this blog a Tech Blog in a true sense.

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