7 Security Apps for Your Smartphone You Should Download Today

Are you worried that somebody could be listening to your phone calls or monitoring your smartphone activity? You’re not alone – 71% of Americans are concerned about having their personal or financial information hacked. Judging by these numbers, your worries are not unfounded.

In fact, researchers believe that 87% of Android devices are vulnerable.

Even though the Android ecosystem has taken necessary precautions to thwart illegal actions aimed at their devices, the number of potentially insecure smartphones is still alarming. It falls down to you as a user to establish good security practice and keep your Android phone safe.

The following seven smartphone security apps will help you find your peace of mind:

Avast Mobile Security

When it comes to the latest Android malware, Avast boasts an impressive detection rate of 99,9%. Not only is it the world’s most downloaded security tool, but it’s also continually marked as trusted by users. And it’s not hard to see why – Avast is an all-in-one solution for Android.

Its most prominent features include:

  • Protection against viruses and other threats
  • Alerts for spyware and adware
  • Real-time malware blocking
  • Manual malware scanning
  • Clean Trojan removal
  • Phishing protection
  • App permission

If safe browsing is your top concern, as it should be, download Avast right now.


Speaking of safe browsing, responsible mobile use necessarily includes a VPN.

The most downloaded and trusted app in this category is NordVPN, ranked number 1 out of 78 VPNs for being reliable, easy to use, and spread across 60 countries. With more than 5000+ servers and top-notch encryption protocols, NordVPN offers more than a few cool features:

  • Strong and reliable IP hiding
  • Access to geo-blocked content
  • Easy torrenting/P2P
  • Ad-blocker
  • Double data encryption
  • Onion Over VPN
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All this makes NordVPN the first choice of thousands of VPN for Android users.

CM Security AppLock

Recently named a must-have Android security app, CM Security AppLock allows you to keep your phone’s features and apps password-protected. More precisely, this tool uses PIN codes and fingerprint unlocking to help you keep everything of importance on lockdown.

Here’s everything that CM Security AppLock controls:

  • Mobile data
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Specific apps
  • Android settings

Should anybody try to break in, the app snaps a photo of the intruder.


Now let’s talk passwords.

If you’re using them right, you probably have more than ten unique passwords, each of them more than ten characters long and so random that memorizing them all is simply impossible. You’re doing the right thing for your general security, so don’t go back to weak passwords.

With LastPass, you can store and protect all of them. Like most password managers, LastPass unlocks with a master code. This can be another complex password that you’ll be able to memorize or your fingerprint. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that LastPass will keep your passwords safe behind layered protection.

Signal Private Messenger

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we’ve become painfully aware of how public our private messages are. In an attempt to change this, Open Whisper System has developed the Signal Private Messenger, which encrypts your SMS texts, even if the other person is not using it.

Signal Private Messenger offers:

  • End-to-end encryption, avoiding the need to store texts on the server
  • The ability to keep your SMS messages private no matter the recipient
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An app called Telegram provides a nice alternative, but it only works between its users.

Secure Call

End-to-end encryption is also ensured by an Android security app called Secure Call, only for different use – as its name says, this convenient tool encrypts your phone calls. Secure Call relies on peer to peer architecture to provide a safe and completely private communication app.

A solid alternative to Secure Call is Linphone, so check that one out as well.

Find My Device

Google’s own Find My Device offers top-level protection and convenience.

Its four basic features are as follows:

  • Ringing your lost or stolen phone
  • Pinpointing its exact location
  • Locking your phone remotely
  • If necessary, deleting all data

Unlike many other similar apps, Google’s service allows you to log in via someone else’s Android device, and erase all data from your device wherever you are. This is especially important if your phone gets stolen and you need to act quickly before your data is compromised.


You’re right to worry about your Android smartphone security, but you don’t have to. These security apps, along with a myriad of others, are designed to eliminate all risks that come with mobile internet use and physical theft. Just make sure you download the apps from the Play Store.

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