6 Pros and Cons of the iPhone X

After the hangover of Apple presentations, comes one of the great questions that have been flooding social networks: is it normal that an iPhone costs more than $1,000? The new iPhone X will cost from $1361 in India, which has raised the controversy over whether you really need a smartphone so expensive, more when the market offers much cheaper alternatives.

5 Benefits of Wireless Charging

Although it is true that there are many cheaper mobiles in the market – even Apple sells models such as the iPhone SE for $350, iPhone 6s from $550 or iPhone 7 from $700 – iPhone X has technology and features that remain expensive and have taken years of development. So what has positive or negative the iPhone to spend more than $1300 on it?

 Finally an OLED screen

OLED displays consume less energy and achieve deeper color levels, including much darker blacks. Samsung has been one of the companies that have led the world of mobile OLED screens with its version SuperAMOLED. It is no accident, the screen of the iPhone X is manufactured by Samsung.

Apple calls it Super Retina screen, 5.8 inches and with rounded corners. The screen is larger than the iPhone 7 Plus, but the physical size of the mobile is smaller. If we add this detail to better colors, brightness level and ultimately, that the content on the mobile will look better, it’s a big point in your favor. At least compared to the iPhone 8 and lower models.

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 Wireless charge

It has been a request from Apple users for years. It is not a new technology, nor is it perfect, but the induction wireless charge has finally come to the iPhone.

It is still unknown if Apple has managed to improve some of its weaknesses, such as the heat generated in the back. Even so, it is still much easier to drop the mobile in an area to charge the battery for a while, than to have to search for cables by your house.

 The fastest chip

Apple A11 Bionic is the brain of the iPhone X. A chip that integrates everything necessary for the iPhone X to achieve the best results ever seen on a smartphone. It far surpasses the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S8, even surpasses the processor of the MacBook Pro of this same year.

It is responsible for the iPhone graphics to look good, to be faster than previous generations, to consume less energy and also to be able to support games and applications compatible with augmented reality and virtual reality. It also has an important component artificial intelligence and machine learning, technologies that allow actions such as the camera to detect faces, eliminate the backgrounds or change the lighting.

 Camera Enhancements

Related to the processor, the camera enhancements of the iPhone X are impressive. Perhaps a sacrilege for photographers, but a function that will enjoy everyone who owns it. Considering how important portrait mode has been to the success of the iPhone 7 Plus, the best features on iPhone X will be one of your biggest claims.

Thanks to depth detection and facial mapping, iPhone X can detect a face and remove elements behind the subject. What’s more, you can change lighting by applying it to change the portrait type.

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 The price

$1361 or 1560, you choose the model and color, but there is no doubt that the price is one of the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone X. It is the role of everyone to decide if you can spend so much money on a smartphone that in a year could have a new version.

For most, spending more than $1000 on a smartphone can be prohibitive, but even for those who have no problem investing these amounts, the new features of the iPhone X do not seem to marry the price increase. And this is a problem for which Apple has no solution, or you like and you buy it, or you should simply choose another alternative.

 No Touch ID

Touch ID, the iPhone’s fingerprint reader has always been very fast, easy to set up and use. It serves to unlock the mobile and to confirm purchases with Apple Pay. In iPhone X, Touch ID has been replaced with Face ID, facial recognition that according to Apple is practically impossible to be confused with another person and that even is able to recognize changes in your face.

But the doubt is there, Touch ID is simple, fast and it works. Face recognition, for now, has not been proven to improve this technology at all, so why introduce it? Do let us know your thoughts about face id in the comments below!

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